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Singing the praises of Halcyon Parks' Songbirds

September 28, 2018

Halcyon Parks’ abundant birdlife has some strong competition in the shape of the community’s other resident songbirds - the Treble Clefs ladies music group.

Harmonies and melodies float through the community each Wednesday afternoon as the Treble Clefs’ 14 voices rehearse for two hours.

They are ably led by their piano accompanist, Bev Biggs, who has a wealth of experience as a former Queensland Light Opera Company singer and three overseas tours as the accompanist for the Esk Community Choir.

Formed 12 years ago, the Treble Clefs emerged from Halcyon Parks’ original music group – made up of men and women - when Bev identified some very strong female vocalists.

Interestingly, most of the Treble Clefs members have joined the group without any background in singing, just the long-held desire to give it a go.

Bev, who started singing at the tender age of 16, says the lack of experience has proved no barrier to success with the Treble Clefs about to perform their third gig outside of the Halcyon Parks gates.

They are currently rehearsing for a 10-minute spot at the Esk Community Choir’s Gala Chorale Event and 40th anniversary celebration on Sunday, October 14 at Somerset Civic Centre.

The invitation to perform came through Bev’s connection to the Esk choir and their interest in the Treble Clefs’ progress.

“It is a thrill and my girls are included in a big combined choir item at the end of the concert,” Bev said.

“It’s going to be an experience that they’ve never had and one they’ll never forget.”

Halcyon Parks Songbirds

The Esk gig comes just over a month after the Treble Clefs made their second appearance at Caloundra Chorale’s Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Concert on September 2. They were invited back after making an impressive debut at the event last year.

Aside from their outside appearances, the Treble Clefs regularly perform for the Halcyon Parks Community.

Bev says she is impressed and delighted at the development she has seen in the Treble Clefs at both the individual and group level.

“Only two of them have had experience, the rest of them have never done anything, it’s amazing – they’ve gone from strength to strength,” she said.

“None of them read music and they have been the most teachable girls because you have to be open to being told how to do it and to changing.

“I push their boundaries so hard and they never complain.

“I can’t believe they’ve improved so much, and they can’t believe they’ve become so good.”

Bev adds that there is no room for divas at the Treble Clefs.

“In this group, there are no stars, everybody is on the same level,” she said.

“We have a wonderful bond.

“I think that’s why we’re moving upwards, I’m able to push their boundaries and they’re happy to be pushed because of that bond.”

And the door is wide open for new members, with Bev convinced that anyone can sing.

“I never listen to people who say they can’t sing,” she said.

“I believe everyone in their own way can learn to sing something that will suit them.

“A lot of people join this group because they’ve always thought, ‘I’d love to do something like that’.

“Some of them have terrible nerves when they start, but I spend lots of time one on one with them to give them confidence, and from there they become very confident in what they’re doing.”