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Southerners come to Halcyon for sun, fun and friendship – Part One

March 01, 2020

It's no secret South East Queensland is the 'Florida' of Australia. A place where the weather and infastructure are conducive to a better lifestyle. 

Halcyon’s communities have many homeowners who have migrated from the southern states for a life of sun, fun and friendship.

Here is part one of our three-part series

Susan and Ian Snare, Halcyon Glades, moved from Devonport. 

Wanting to care for elderly parents and the allure of South East Queensland’s climate were the driving factors behind Susan and Ian’s move to Halcyon Glades.

The pair had raised their family near Devonport in Tasmania, but felt the time was right to come and be close to Susan’s parents who lived in Redcliffe.

“We were up here and had been looking around at a couple of communities, wondering if we could make the move as we had a large acreage in Tasmania,” Susan, a former registered nurse and funeral celebrant said.

“It was serendipitous really as we were driving around and saw the sign for Glades and came and had a look. “We were impressed and liked the fact that there were no exit fees and we could get any capital gains plus the position suited us.” Susan said she moved up four months before Ian, who was a counsellor specialising in men’s health in Tasmania.

She said one of the reasons they chose the community was because “we recognise that it could be so lonely in surburbia.” “The sense of community and shared interests been very positive and allowed us to embrace retirement and to be able to have a ‘pack up and go’ lifestyle and to not worry about the house,” she said.

The pair have made a number of new friends and have joined many different interest groups, as well as continuing to indulge their passion for gardening – albeit on a smaller scale than in Tasmania.

“I swim every day and do aqua aerobics and I love books, so I read a lot,” Susan said. “Ian is involved with the men’s singing group and he flies model planes, he loves to build things and he rides his motorcycle.”