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Southerners come to Halcyon for sun, fun and friendship – Part Two

March 02, 2020

It's no secret South East Queensland is the 'Florida' of Australia. A place where the weather and infastructure are conducive to a better lifestyle.

Halcyon’s communities have many homeowners who have migrated from the southern states for a life of sun, fun and friendship.

Here is part two of our three-part series

Heather and Allan Ogilvie, Halcyon Lakeside, Moved from Melbourne.

The Ogilvie’s made the decision to follow the sun and move to Halcyon Lakeside from their native Melbourne in late 2016, when they were in their late 50s.

Former policeman Allan was working as an academic and was fortunate enough to be able to continue to work remotely, while Heather landed a job in the medical field when she arrived.

Now the pair, who were foundation homeowners at the Bli Bli community, have stopped working but find themselves incredibly busy with life at Halcyon.

“We were busy from day one,” Heather said. “There’s so many options here, and in fact you have to pace yourself at times.”

She said the pair were very active and participated in “lots of fitness” including yoga, pickleball, gym classes, golf, stand-up paddleboarding and other recreational activities.

“There’s so much scope here to be able to dabble in things you might not have tried, or had the opportunity to try before,” she said.

“I’ve tried mosaics and ukulele – which the kids thought was hilarious.”

One of the best elements of the move to Halcyon Lakeside is the friendships they have made.

“We made lovely new friends quite quickly and have formed really great friendships,” she said. “It’s quite humbling to be surrounded by such lovely people.”

One of these friendships is with Lynne and Trevor Renn, who are close neighbours in their street.

“There are lots of cruise nuts here,” she said. “We’re heading off to cruise Canada and Alaska in May with them,” she said.

“We made a great choice when we moved to Halcyon. We have never regretted it.”