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Staying healthy when you hit the road

Lock and Go
September 02, 2017

Travelling, particularly caravan or camper vanning is one of the major draw cards of moving into a Halcyon over 50’s lifestyle community, because we offer caravan storage at all of our communities plus the freedom to simply lock and go.

The travelling life is fun but keeping healthy while you're on the road is paramount. 

As we get a little older, the things that never mattered now matter. Considerations around food and exercise plus all the other lifestyle factors we have going on now have to be thought of, on the up side, you’re on a holiday, exploring this fabulous country of ours.

Here some ideas to keep fit and active on your next travelling holiday:

Explore new destinations on foot
When you get settled in a new spot, perhaps go for a long walk or if you don’t want to see everything all at once, go on regular walks using a different path each time.

Use a pedometer
Fitbits can help keep a track of how manysteps you're doing and can often inspire you to do more, as well as keeping you on track with daily fitness goals.

Design a mini workout
There are so many fitness programs available these days, that setting foot in a gym is totally not necessary anymore. This is positive in that, you could do your regime next to your caravan or enjoy exercising in a natural setting at the beach or local park.

Eat well (most of the time)
Preparation is key as healthy eating habits go out the window when you're not prepared. 

Be prepared by having snacks and water at the ready, we all know that driving through the centre of Australia could get a little boring, termite mounds are exciting the first ten times you see them, but after that it’s well, a little less entertaining. So make sure you have healthy snacks and lots of water while driving. If you’re feeling hungry drink water first, as studies have shown that dehydration can feel like hunger.

Don't forget - life is for living, you are having the time of your life seeing so many new things, meeting so many new people and finally not answering to a schedule. So you should be able to go out for an indulgent meal or let your taste buds win the food battle, sometimes…

Here are some tips for healthier options on the road:

Burger and sandwiches – Request extra salad and wholegrain bread. Hold the butter and mayo and only choose meat or cheese or egg (not all three).

Pizza – Opt for the thin base instead of a thick pan base. Add lots of veggie based toppings and limit the high fat ones like cheese and deli meats. (This is harder then it sounds).

Chicken – Go for barbequed or grilled chicken instead of crumbed or fried. Avoid the skin and limit your gravy (but what’s the fun it that). Go for sides like salads and veggies instead than hot chips.

Fish and Chips – Order your fish grilled instead of fried or battered. Enjoy your chips but see if you can get a small serve of thick cut rather than French fries or you could replace the chips with salad.

Loaded spuds – Eat the skin and aim for the lower fat toppings such as salads, veggies, baked beans and lower fat cheeses like ricotta. Go easy on the high fat toppings like butter, regular cheese, sour cream and bacon.

Healthy snacks to keep handy:
• Fresh fruit
• Veggie sticks with hummus or low fat cream cheese
• Plain unsalted nuts
• Low fat yoghurt