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Thank you for being a friend - 'Golden Girls' move to Rise

April 29, 2022

Neighbours and single ladies Jen Christie and Marian Young set the scene for a dual move to Stockland’s Halcyon Rise (QLD).

Jen and Marian became firm friends when Marian moved next door to Jen’s Loganholme duplex 10 years ago.

“The real estate agent gave me Jen’s number so I could ask about her experience in the duplex and we hit it off from the get-go,” Marian recalled.

“Marian moved in next door about four weeks later and we’ve been there for each other ever since,” Jen said.

The duo regularly enjoy each other’s company with monthly coffee catchups, lunch dates and regular outings to the movies. As single women living on their own, Marian says it’s nice to have a good friend nearby.

“We don’t live in each other’s pockets but we help each other out in lots of ways and it’s comforting to have someone next door if you need them.”

It’s this closeness that made Jen reluctant to tell Marian she was moving to Halcyon Rise after a tour of the Logan Reserve community sold her on the facilities, secure environment and neighbourhood of people in her age group.

“I plucked up the courage over lunch and told her. Before I knew it, Marian had set up an appointment to have a look and that was it,” Jen laughed.

Marian was also attracted to the lifestyle, amenities and community feel at Halcyon Rise.

 “It was not even on my radar to consider but the more Jen told me about Halcyon Rise, the more excited I became,” Marian said. “It ticked a lot of boxes for me with proximity to family, facilities, security in a gated estate and the general feel of the place with people of a similar age.”

Both Jen and Marian have selected a Beechmont home in the Easy Living Series and will live a few houses away from each other. The new-build homes will be completed later in the year.

While they wait to move in, the active and social duo are looking forward to meeting new people and being involved in all the activities on offer, including swimming and aqua aerobics in the heated pool, wandering on the walking tracks and trying yoga and pickleball.

In true Golden Girl style, Jen and Marian are even trying to convince other single friends to move into Halcyon Rise with them.

“The people at Halcyon Rise have been very friendly so far and that’s really inviting – you get the sense that it really is a family and a community there,” Marian said.

“I would tell other people considering a move to an over-50s lifestyle community to do it,” Jen added. “Halcyon Rise is such a beautiful place with a secure environment, plenty of facilities and people your own age – it just ticks all the boxes.”