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Victorian couple buy home over Facetime

March 29, 2021

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Australians got accustomed using technology to carry out their day- to-day activities.

We worked from home, our children were taught via Zoom calls, we had virtual Happy Hour with loved ones through apps like House Party and for Halcyon Waters’ homeowners Paul Earnshaw and Cathy Egan - we even bought houses through Facetime.

The couple had been planning to sell their home in the pretty Victorian seaside town of Inverloch and go travelling when the pandemic hit.

“We had been looking at over 50s communities in northern NSW, but had decided to go travel around Australia first,” Cathy said.

“We put our house on the market and it sold quickly, so we had to be out within 30 days but it was COVID and we couldn’t buy.”

Paul has family living on the Gold Coast and a few of them saw the Halcyon television commercial and came to visit the Hope Island community after the couple saw an available home.

“Paul’s sister Pat Facetimed us in Victoria on the inspection and had said she was going to play it cool in front of the sales agent, but then she walked in and said ‘buy it!’,” Cathy said.

“We made an offer that afternoon and we arrived as soon as the borders opened on December 1.

“We had to order some beds online and we had two camping chairs, but we were here.”

Paul said they had immersed themselves in community activities such as tai chi, water aerobics and social activities.

“I’m up at 5.30am most mornings and I go for a walk with the dog,” he said. “We’re really living our life to the fullest here, our schedules are busy but it’s great.”