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Vintage car turns heads

September 22, 2021

Motoring enthusiasts Robert and Sandra Boone are accustomed to turning heads in their vintage cars, the latest a 1959 red MGTF.

“We’ve had Jaguars, BMWs and even a gold Porsche with gold wheels,“ Robert said.

“People made a fuss about the Porsche.”

Sandra laughed: “The police used to follow him in that one!”

“I haven’t driven it though, I’m not up for that.”

Sandra and Robert Boone with their MG TF
Sandra and Robert Boone from Halcyon Greens with their MG TF

The couple, who live at Halcyon Greens,  have owned the MG for around six years having bought it from a collector who had installed a Mazda engine and gearbox, making it a 5-speed instead of a 4-speed.

“One of the other benefits of having a Mazda engine is that you can drive into any Mazda dealership and have it serviced.”

The pair used to be active in car clubs and spent weekends on jaunts around the countryside, but are planning to sell this beauty.

"I just love cars," Robert said. "They have been a passion of mine ever since I was old enough to drive one.”