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Watson gives oodles of love

December 06, 2021

Pauline Sullivan and her four-legged friend Watson have found the paw-fect lifestyle together at Stockland’s Halcyon Rise in Logan Reserve (QLD).

Pauline is semi-retired and works part-time as a social worker. After moving to Halcyon Rise, she enlisted 
the companionship of Watson, a four-month-old Moodle – a Maltese crossed with a Poodle.

“I wanted to get a dog because while you have this beautiful community where you can sit out the front and someone will come join you for a chat, I like the company of a dog,” Pauline said.

“He’s just gorgeous and has been so much fun. He loves chasing the ball, always brings it back to my feet to throw it again. He keeps me on my toes and he’s just lots of fun and energy. He’s my reason to go for a walk every day.”

Pauline moved to Queensland from Victoria to be closer to her three daughters. Coming from acreage 
in a small country town, Pauline was attracted to the locality of Halcyon Rise, which strikes a balance between country lifestyle and big-city conveniences.

For Watson, Halcyon Rise provides a safe home, fresh air, good friends and lots of space for exercise to burn off all that little-dog energy, including a soon to be built private dog park.

"Watson's an inside dog but loves to go out and play; we have a pool out there and he loves water,” Pauline said on Watson’s behalf. 

"I take him for a walk, there's some really nice, grassed areas so I take the ball and he chases that and brings it back to me, so I wear him out that way.

"There’s plenty of walking and when the community opens up, there’s acres of open space here, so I’m hoping we can get lots of walking in.”

With the community in its early stages, Pauline said the homeowners have already formed a tight-knit group.

"Because there's not a lot of us here, we’re really forming a nice bond as a group, getting to know each other,” she said. 

"It's going to get bigger, but I think those initial friendships are important to all of us.”

There is no doubt in Pauline’s mind that she has found her and Watson’s forever home at Halcyon Rise as she transitions from semi to full retirement.

"Oh absolutely, I'm here for a long time,” she laughed. “They can cart me out of here.”