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What does Christmas look like at Halcyon?

December 21, 2018

Is it your year to host Christmas for your family? Or are you visiting your relatives or a friend? Or is it your off year, where you have no plans and you are at home by yourself or with your other half. Well whatever you have planned, living in a community doesn’t change how you spend your Christmas… actually, it makes it that little bit better.

When living in a Halcyon community, there are no restrictions to having your family over for Christmas. The grandkids can enjoy the morning in the pool, have that big family lunch in your home, or join in with fellow homeowners at the Rec Club. There is plenty of room for you and your brood.

Our communities also like to get involved and engage with the wider community, in particular at this special time of the year. Each year our communities like to align with a certain charity or cause, in which they can give the gift of ‘joy’.

At Halcyon Glades this year some of our handymen have joined together to build some beautiful woodwork toys for children who won’t necessarily receive a gift at Christmas time.

While our Halcyon Landing community are putting together toiletry packs and non-perishable food for the Ronald McDonald House, as Christmas is a busy time of year for the house and our homeowners wanted to make them feel at home and special over the Christmas period.

For those who have no plans, our communities have adopted an ‘Orphan Grandparent’ approach. Where anyone who has no plans for Christmas day is invited down to the Rec Club for a Christmas lunch and a jolly good time. A great initiative driven by our homeowners.

The Christmas spirit is high throughout all our communities, with not only many homeowners decorating their homes with lights and Christmas décor, but Christmas street parties, Christmas markets, carollers and normally a visit from Santa. Living in a community certainly has its perks, with plenty of fun for those young at heart.