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A worldly friendship that began at Halcyon

March 16, 2020

Exploring the history of China and bike riding through the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand are just two destinations Karen Lynn and Lee McGregor have experienced together.

The pair made an instant connection and immediately became friends after meeting at Halcyon Landing five years ago.

“We became friends from the get-go,” Karen said.

“There’s some people you just click with and Lee and I have been friends ever since.”

These days, Lee and Karen said their friendship goes well beyond the gates, with most of their time spent travelling the world together.

“We both have a penchant for travel and experiencing different cultures,” Karen said. “There’s nothing better than meeting down-to-earth people and getting out of your daily bubble.”



Lee added: “We both lost our husbands many years ago, so it’s lovely to have someone to share those special travel memories with.”

Travelling together is an affordable option for Karen and Lee, who share accommodation and tour costs.

“Our trips vary in price,” Lee said.

“Sometimes it’s a spur-of-the-moment, cheap and cheerful Trip- A-Deal option and other times it may be group travel with Intrepid,” Lee said.

“Budget travel or not, we have lots of fun and have never had a bad experience.
“Although we did get stuck in the typhoon in China last year, but it was completely fine and all part of the fun.”

Asked if their families get jealous of their adventures, Karen said their kids love to see them explore the world together.

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“Our kids say, ‘go for it!’,” Karen laughed. “We still have plenty of places to tick off the bucket list.”
To keep fit for travel, Lee and Karen are part of the Halcyon Landing bike riding group.

“There’s a big group of us who love to ride and even this can take us away on lovely trips,” Lee said.

“We’ve been on rides through Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand, we really enjoy getting out in the fresh air with a big group of great people.

"That's one of the best things about living in a community, you certainly have no issues finding someone who’s up for an adventure.”