Discover the Joy of Downsizing: Murray and Gay's Story

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20 March 2024

Are you considering downsizing to embrace an active lifestyle in your next chapter? Murray and Gay Speden's journey from a sprawling family home to the vibrant community of Stockland Halcyon Greens is a testament to the transformative power of downsizing.

In a heartfelt article by Kate Jones from Domain, Murray and Gay share their experience of leaving behind the burdens of maintenance and discovering a world of new opportunities in a community designed for over-50s in Southeast Queensland. From forging meaningful friendships to indulging in a plethora of activities, their downsizing decision has truly upsized their quality of life.

Halcyon Gables 'The Lodge'. Artist's impression. Subject to change.  Halcyon Gables 'The Lodge'. Artist's impression. Subject to change.

Excitingly, Stockland is expanding its vision with Halcyon Gables, its first lifestyle living community designed for those aged over 60. Halcyon Gables will bring the same enriching lifestyle options from Queensland to New South Wales. Located in The Hills district, with resort-quality amenities including The Lodge with function room and alfresco lounge, a health and wellness precinct, sporting grounds and creative areas, Halcyon Gables promises to be a haven of active living and community engagement.

To delve deeper into Murray and Gay’s inspiring story and learn more about the benefits of downsizing, read the full article here.  

Halcyon Gables 'Health and Wellness Precinct'. Artist's impression. subject to change. 

Halcyon Gables streetscape. Artist's impression. Subject to change. 

To find out more about Halcyon Gables register for the upcoming Information Session or call 1800 050 050.

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