Meet the makers of Stockland Halcyon Gables, who are redefining what home looks like for over 60’s in the Hills District

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22 April 2024

The makers of Halcyon Gables are reimagining over 60’s living in the Hills District, with aspirational homes and shared spaces that allow homeowners to resize their lifestyles as part of a vibrant, energised community.

Halcyon Gables Project Director Ken Franklin was determined from the outset that Stockland Halcyon’s first community in New South Wales would “not just be about creating another development, but about the homeowners who will be using the space” and empowering them to redefine what home looks like.

Key to realising this vision was the creation of a project team of makers with a passion for planning, conceptualising, and designing homes and spaces that inspire an active lifestyle, foster connection, and create community. 

Partnering with Architects DC8 Studio allowed the Stockland Halcyon team to bolster their decades of experience and collaborate with specialists to achieve an outcome that feels nothing like a retirement village, and every bit like an established and thriving neighbourhood.

Hear from the Architects at DC8 Studio's about Halcyon Gables homes:

From the grand front gate where homeowners and guests enter, to the private backyards and lounge rooms of each home,DC8 Architect Genevieve Vu & Interior Designer Kara Kennedy worked closely with the Stockland Halcyon team, to craft a distinct identity for Halcyon Gables that embodies the iconic rural charm of the Hills District to create a unique sense of place.

Leveraging their extensive experience leading Stockland Halcyon projects in Queensland, Genevieve and Kara's team have designed each aspect, perspective, and space with the homeowner's top of mind.  

When speaking to the Stockland Halcyon team, Genevieve said that her hope was to empower homeowners to “feel settled, comfortable and proud to share it with their friends and families”. Her architectural designs - from streetscapes and shared spaces that flow together; providing opportunities for organic interactions, to beautifully crafted forms and pallets of materials, details & colours - create an aspirational aesthetic while delivering “high-quality housing and consistent outcomes for homeowners”. 

Conscious of the reality that resizing means different things to different people, choice is built into the fabric of the development, allowing homeowners to customise their property to suit their personal style and practical needs.

This is demonstrated in the carefully designed, subtle yet distinctive interior themes, that allow homeowners to choose a colour pallet, fixtures and finishes that best suit their style.

When speaking about her approach to the interiors, Kara explained that it was important to “ensure that the kitchen, living and dining were spacious”, allowing for family, friends, and neighbours to get together often, and accommodate mobility aids as and when they are required, so that the homeowners “don’t ever have to leave”. 

Halcyon Gables has been forged with the combined experience, skill and passion of the Makers and will set a new standard for how life over 60 should be lived. 

View the community vision for Halcyon Gables below:

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