Get on your bike! Halcyon Lakeside’s ‘bikie gang’ star on local TV

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09 May 2024

Local television news crews report on the ‘Halcyon Hooligans’, watch Channel 7’s coverage below:

The look of ‘pure joy’ on Sandy Chadwick’s face when she started riding her e-bike around Stockland’s Halcyon Lakeside was the inspiration for more than 30 other homeowners to buy their own.

“When the pool closed during lockdown, I knew I had to get some exercise in another way and the second I got my bike, I was on it all the time and then everyone wanted one,” she said.

“Everybody said that when they saw me riding, the look of pure joy was the incentive for them to go and buy one themselves.

“It went around the place so fast and now we have at least 30 to 40 people who are now the owners of an e-bike.”

While not an official group, homeowners from Lakeside’s ‘bikie gang’ as they are affectionately known, can be found riding around the community or around Parklakes II.

Sandy said her arthritis and double knee replacement means it is difficult for her to walk for long distances comfortably, so she needs a low impact exercise which supports her joints.

“I always ride around the community and then outside of the gates around the lakes at least twice a day,” she said.

“It has given me my legs back and the freedom to just get up and go, which has been very powerful for me.”

Sandy said she bought her four-wheeler bike, which does have a motor, but also needs to be pedalled for it to move.

“I can use the ‘assist’ feature on different levels, but I do need to pedal or the bike will stop,” she said. “I like that I have to pedal as it has helped my leg strength and my fitness, but the most amazing thing is the freedom I feel.”

“It’s given me my life back.”

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