A labour of love

5 min
21 March 2024

The Cutter’s Gardening Cooperative at Stockland’s Halcyon Landing (QLD) is truly a labour of love, bringing the many talents of the community together.

Whether it is the green thumbs who put in the hard yakka doing the physical work or those who choose to donate funds, plants or knickknacks or by painting commissioned artworks - it truly is a team effort.

The garden, which is located on the old site of the cane train route, has recently undergone a refresh, with a burst of new members taking the lead.

A thriving herb garden (its produce free to anyone who might need a sprig of rosemary for their lamb roast or some mint for the sauce), citrus trees, succulents, orchids and an eclectic group of hand-me-downs repurposed and upcycled to include in the garden.

Homeowner Terry Hough has also painted a number of Australian fauna, which are hung along the fences of the gardens.

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