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 Housing Construction

An aerial view of Halcyon Berwick in April 2024

Key stats

  • We're excited to announce that all homes in Stage 1 have now been fully completed.
  • 22 homes in Stage 2 have finished construction and we've already had our first group of Stage 2 homeowners move into the community, with many more to come over the next month.
  • Halcyon Berwick is now home to over 160 residents! It's been incredible watching the community grow and we can't wait to welcome in many more homeowners over the coming weeks.

As a reminder, access to Halcyon Berwick's construction for Stage 2 homes is strictly prohibited for Homeowners and Homebuyers unless accompanied by Stockland staff. Active construction sites can be hazardous areas and we want to ensure they remain safe spaces for everyone involved.

Home completion journey

For all Stage 2 Home Buyers - Once your floor frames have been completed, your Home Specialist, Roshni, will provide you with an update every three weeks and will schedule two site visits.

The first visit will occur when the roof is complete, and the second visit will be arranged when the plasterboards are installed. If there are any other updates along the way, Roshni will let you know and will be your first point of contact in your home completion journey.

As your home nears completion, you'll also be invited to attend one of our group settlement sessions. These sessions you'll learn about the settlement progress, including your pre-settlement inspection, the warranties and defects progress and what to expect from community living.

If you have any questions regarding your home construction, please reach out to Roshni.

Defects and Warranty

Close up of hands pointing at floorplan

Between settlement and your 6-month maintenance inspection, please note all minor defects on the list provided at settlement. At your 6-month maintenance inspection, a Stockland representative and builder representative will discuss these items with you. You will receive a reminder of this appointment date via email.  

If you have a major defect, or you’re not sure if the matter is considered a ‘minor’ or ‘major’ item, please email You will receive a response within 3 business days. Please note in the subject line one of the following:  

  • Site # – QUERY – [Item] ; or
  • Site # – MAJOR DEFECT – [Item].  

Please also include a photo and description of the issue in the email.

6-month inspections are being conducted according to the communicated schedule and any warranty-related issues are being logged for rectification.

Stockland and the builder are focusing on closing out aged defects on a street-by-street basis. Feedback from homeowners have been positive surrounding this new process currently adopted. 

180-day warranty process for the rest of the homes in Stage 1 remains as per usual process. 

Landscaping and Civils

We're currently undertaking maintenance works to help liven up the landscaping and planting areas around the community. You may have already seen our friendly caretaker team installing over 900 new plants over the past few weeks with the last batch to be planted this coming week.

We're also busy working on planting new trees along Bells Road and around the clubhouse, which is also part of a broader plan to redevelop the clubhouse landscaping to complement the brand new community picked firepit.

Hobby Shed

We're excited to say that construction of the Hobby Shed is now complete and we'll be shortly handing this over to the community!
Stay tuned for communications from our community manager for a date and time for our safety induction.
This will be a great final milestone for community facilities at Halcyon Berwick. We thank you for your patience and we're looking forward to celebrating the grand opening with you! Watch this space for more information to come soon.

Special updates

Halcyon Berwick clubhouse from the bowling green

We are sad to announce that John Furness will be moving away from his role as Community Manager at Berwick, however he will pursue an exciting role at Stockland Halcyon Jardin. 

You will also see some new friendly faces as Chris and Jade, our community managers for Halcyon Jardin and Evergreen, will be temporarily stepping in at Halcyon Berwick until a permanent Community Manager is found. You can rest assured that during this transition period you'll continue to be supported by not just one, but two community managers!

Please feel free to say hello if you see them around. 

A render of a couple walking into the Halcyon Jardin Clubhouse
We’re pleased to announce that we've launched our third release at our community at Halcyon Jardin!
As a reminder, we have a great referral program in place. Please visit us at Jardin's sales office or the Halcyon Jardin website if you or anyone you know would like more information.

Welcome to our first edition of "Meet the team" where you can get to know some of the friendly faces behind the Halcyon Berwick team.

First up is Howard Andrews, who you may already know as the Facilities Caretaker for the community. We asked him a few questions about himself and his role.

What's the day to day like in your role?
I look after the grounds and facilities to enhance home owner delight. I make sure the bowling green, pickleball courts, pool and its chemicals are well balanced to name a few. Any facility repairs that are required are also part of my role.

How does your role impact our homeowners and homebuyers?

I help ensure that both homeowners and homebuyers have access and use of top class facilities. Most of the work I do normally isn't very visible, however you'll definitely notice it when it hasn't been done. I work behind the scenes to make sure things are kept running smoothly.

What's a fun fact about yourself?
In a previous life I was a nightclub DJ in Central London. I have plenty of stories that I'm happy to share. When you see me around feel free to stop by and say hello.

Stay tuned for more Meet the Teams to follow in upcoming developer insights as we introduce more of the Halcyon Berwick team.

Two friends painting together in the clubhouse messy arts space

Referral Program

If you know someone who may be interested in joining one of our new Halcyon Communities, please direct them to Chantelle or Ash. We have a great referral program in place!

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact: