A move that downsizes your power bill

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17 October 2023

In 2017, going solar is the way of life at Stockland’s Halcyon communities with more than 15,000 solar panels now powering homes across our communities.

At the time of It means our homeowners with solar panels will collectively save $25 million on their power bills in the next decade while leaving a lighter footprint on the earth.

Homeowners Dennis and Doreen Sheehan have watched their energy costs drop by half since moving to their three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at Halcyon Lakeside.

“We’ve seen a significant reduction in power bills compared to our last home, which was similar in size,” Dennis said.

“The most expensive bill we’ve had is $79 for a three-month period, and that was over Christmas when we had our family and 10 extra people in the house,” he said.

“Everything about the house is designed to save us money, from the quality insulation to the solar panels and solar hot water.”

Roughly the size of four rugby league fields, 15,000 solar panels are the environmental equivalent of removing 26,000 cars from the road for 30 years.

At Halcyon Greens, more than half the homeowners have taken solar to the next level by installing a Tesla Powerwall, which stores their solar-generated electricity for later use.

They will save a total of $750,000 on their energy bills over the next decade.

Stockland General Manager, Scott Ng said the company aimed to double the current number of solar panels in Halcyon communities in the next five years.

“We offer solar panels as standard inclusions in our new homes, and with several new communities planned in South East Queensland, we’re expecting to have more than 30,000 solar panels on roofs by 2024,” Scott said.

“This is part and parcel of our commitment to doing what we do sustainably while giving our homeowners the opportunity to save money and live comfortably and conscientiously.”

“Homeowners can also take comfort in the knowledge that they are doing something to leave a better environmental legacy for their grandchildren and future generations.”

To read about Stockland’s commitment to sustainability explore here.

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