Referrals ensure a community of support

5 min
01 May 2023

Having a solid community to lean on fosters safety, security and improved mental health, benefits Tracey Dillon and her husband Paul are looking forward to. When their friend Carolyn Voss told them about Halcyon Rise, her referral sparked their interest and the interest of Tracey’s 91-year-old mother, Betty Cooper.

One referral led to another referral and now Tracey and Paul will be living right next door to Betty and their dear friend Carolyn will be just up the road. They are all moving into the gated community framed by rolling hills that sits next to sprawling acres fronting the Logan River in mid-2023.

Tracey said knowing her mum would be right next door gave her a wonderful sense of security. “We prepare all of mum’s meals so being next door will be incredibly convenient,” Tracey says.“And the fact that Carolyn will be just down the road is lovely too because she’s like a daughter to mum.” “We’ve got a whole tribe coming with us.”

Tracey has fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis which means she has constant pain and is sometimes in bed for days. Knowing there would be plenty of activities to keep Paul busy when she wasn’t feeling great made her happy, she says. “He won’t be housebound because there will be lots of things for him to do.”

The rural backdrop to the community was something that appealed to all of them. “The drive to Halcyon Rise is just so beautiful,” Tracey says. “There are paddocks with cows.You feel like you are in the middle of the country but the shopping centre is just five minutes up the road. It;s just beautiful out there.”

Betty is looking forward to social functions where she can get up and dance and Tracey is looking forward to the organised picnics with grandchildren, craft classes and being with like-minded people.

“We are all so excited,” Tracey says. “It will be here before we know it. Halcyon is such a nice place to come home to.

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