Date Presentation  
04/05/2015 Q3 Investor Update Presentation Webcast
26/02/2015 1H15 Half Year Review PDF
11/02/2015 1H15 Results Presentation PDF
11/02/2015 1H15 Annexure PDF
11/02/2015 1H15 Results Presentation Webcast Webcast
12/11/2014 Investor Day – Western Australia in Focus Presentation PDF
28/10/2014 1Q15 Market Update PDF
18/08/2014 FY14 Annexure PDF
17/08/2014 FY14 Results Presentation PDF
29/04/2014 Q3 Investor Presentation PDF
11/02/2014 1H14 Results Presentation PDF
11/02/2014 1H14 Annexure PDF
02/12/2013 Investor Update ASX/Media Release PDF
02/12/2013 Q1 Investor Update Presentation PDF
13/08/2013 FY13 Results Presentation PDF
13/08/2013 FY13 Annexure PDF
13/05/2013 Investor Update & Strategic Review PDF
18/03/2013 March 2013 Conference Presentation PDF
13/02/2013 1H13 Results Presentation PDF
13/02/2013 1H13 Results Pack PDF
17/10/2012 Chairman’s address, Graham Bradley PDF
17/10/2012 Managing Director's address, Matthew Quinn PDF
17/10/2012 Notice of Meeting PDF
12/10/2012 Results of Meeting PDF
08/08/2012 FY12 Results Presentation PDF
16/05/2012 Asia Roadshow Presentation PDF
03/05/2012 Macquarie Australia Conference Presentation PDF
01/05/2012 Market Update Presentation PDF
13/03/2012 Citi Global CEO Conference Presentation PDF
09/02/2012 1H12 Results Pack PDF
09/02/2012 1H12 Results Presentation PDF
01/12/2011 Asia Europe Roadshow presentation PDF
24/11/2011 Market Update Presentation PDF
23/11/2011 ASX Announcement PDF
23/11/2011 Matthew Quinn, Managing Director Group Update PDF
23/11/2011 Mark Hunter, CEO - Residential Residential Communities Investor Briefing PDF
23/11/2011 Kingsley Andrew – GM - Residential, Qld Queensland Market Update PDF
23/11/2011 Ben Allen – General Manager Sustainable Communities Caloundra South PDF
08/11/2011 Merrill Lynch Australian REIT Conference PDF
25/10/2011 Notice of Meeting PDF
25/10/2011 ASX Announcement PDF
25/10/2011 Annual General Meeting results PDF
25/10/2011 Chairman's address, Graham Bradley PDF
25/10/2011 Managing Director’s address, Matthew Quinn PDF
02/09/2011 Asia Roadshow presentation PDF
11/08/2011 FY11 Results Pack PDF
10/08/2011 FY11 Results Presentation PDF
25/05/2011 Deutsche Bank Access Asia Conference PDF
03/05/2011 Retirement Living Investor Day Webcast
03/05/2011 Matthew Quinn, Managing Director Group Update PDF
03/05/2011 David Pitman, CEO Retirement Living Retirement Living Investor Briefing PDF
03/05/2011 Barry Mann, GM Development Development Overview PDF
03/05/2011 Kate Mathewson, GM Operations Operations Overview PDF
09/02/2011 Investor presentation PDF
09/02/2011 Additional information PDF
23/11/2010 Group update Matthew Quinn, Managing Director PDF
23/11/2010 Commercial Property strategy John Schroder, CEO Commercial Property PDF
23/11/2010 Retail development update Stephen Bull, GM – development and Design, Development and Capital Transactions PDF
23/11/2010 Leasing Stewart White, GM - Leasing PDF
23/11/2010 Design and project management Dale Clark, GM Project Management and John Small, Senior Manager – Project Management PDF
23/11/2010 Community and customer Karyn Munsie, EGM – Corporate Affairs and Robyn Stubbs, GM – Management and Marketing PDF
23/11/2010 Q&A Audio
15/11/2010 BAML Australian REIT Conference PDF
19/10/2010 Notice of Meetings PDF
19/10/2010 Address by Chairman, Graham Bradley PDF
19/10/2010 Address by Managing Director, Matthew Quinn PDF
19/10/2010 Remuneration address by Director, Peter Scott PDF
14/09/2010 US Roadshow September 2010 PDF
11/08/2010 FY10 Results Presentation PDF
19/05/2010 Stockland Investor Update Presentation PDF
 10/02/2010 1H10 Results Presentation PDF
02/12/2009 UBS 2009 Global Real Estate Presentation PDF
20/10/2009 Annual General Meeting Speeches PDF
24/09/2009 Residential Investor Briefing PDF
03/09/2009 Retirement Living Investor Briefing PDF
13/08/2009 FY09 Results Presentation PDF
23/04/2009 Stockland Market Update - April 2009 PDF
12/02/2009 Stockland 1H09 Result Investor Presentation PDF
17/12/2008 Business Update and Estimated Distribution/Dividend PDF
14/08/2008 Stockland Full Year Results Presentation 30 June 2008 PDF
30/05/2008 Stockland Sunshine Coast Investor Tour Presentations PDF
09/05/2008 Presentation to Shaw Stockbroking PDF
08/04/2008 Offshore Investor Presentation PDF
03/04/2008 Presentation to CEDA PDF
14/03/2008 Merrill Lynch Tour - WA Update PDF
07/02/2008 Stockland 1H08 Results Presentation PDF
16/10/2007 Stockland Halladale Investor Presentation PDF
21/09/2007 Macquarie Bank Securities Conference Presentation PDF
05/09/2007 US Offshore Presentation PDF
08/08/2007 Stockland Full Year Results Presentation 30 June 2007 PDF
15/06/2007 Investor Presentation to UBS Hosted Lunch PDF
06/06/2007 Stockland Retirement Living PDF
30/04/2007 Qld Investor Tour PDF
29/03/2007 Halladale Presentation PDF
14/03/2007 Debt Investor Presentation (US) PDF
13/03/2007 Debt Investor Presentation (Australia) PDF
10/02/2007 ARC Acquisition Presentation PDF
08/02/2007 Halladale Acquisition Presentation PDF
08/02/2007 Stockland Half Yearly Results Presentation - 31 December 2006 PDF
30/11/2006 UK Offshore Investor Presentation PDF
30/11/2006 UBS Global Real Estate Conference Panel Discussion PDF
29/10/2006 Asia Offshore Marketing Presentation - October 2006 PDF
24/10/2006 2006 AGM Presentation PDF
18/10/2006 WA Investor Tour - October 2006 PDF
16/10/2006 US Offshore Marketing Presentation - October 2006 PDF
21/09/2006 Stockland Apartments Update PDF
21/09/2006 Stockland Commercial Update PDF
09/08/2006 Stockland Full Year Results Presentation 30 June 2006 PDF
05/04/2006 Gold Coast Investor Tour PDF
09/03/2006 Citigroup Annual Investment Conference PDF
07/03/2006 Goldman Sachs JBWere Australian Investment Forum PDF
09/02/2006 Stockland Half Yearly Results Presentation December 2005 PDF
01/12/2005 UK and Europe Roadshow Investor Presentation PDF
01/12/2005 Denis Hickey Presentation to UBS Conference, London PDF
28/10/2005 Matthew Quinn Ord Minnett Presentation PDF
28/09/2005 Matthew Quinn ASX LPT Presentation PDF
08/09/2005 WA Property Tour - Residential Communities PDF
10/08/2005 Stockland Results Presentation 2005 PDF
11/03/2005 Qld Development Presentation PDF