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Various Tax Guides have been prepared to assist our securityholders. 
These are available below.

Guide to your Stockland AMMA Statement (previously Annual Tax Statement) for Australian resident individuals.

This Guide assumes that you are an Australian resident individual taxpayer and is designed to address requests from securityholders to provide more comprehensive information on tax related issues. The Guide provides basic assistance to both you and/or your tax advisor for general information only. To complete your tax return this Guide should be used in conjunction with relevant ATO publications which are listed below. This Guide does not constitute the giving of tax or financial product advice. Each securityholder’s particular circumstances will be different and accordingly, you may wish to seek independent taxation advice. 


Australian resident corporates or complying superannuation funds

Securityholders who are, for Australian tax purposes, Australian resident corporations or complying superannuation funds, should seek their own taxation advice, but may wish to refer to the information set out in the 'A Guide to your Stockland AMMA Statement'. 


Non Australian resident securityholders

Securityholders who are not Australian residents for Australian tax purposes, should seek their own investment and taxation advice, but may wish to refer to the information set out below. 


Tax publications from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

The links below will take you to the various sections of the ATO website where these tax publications can be read online, downloaded or ordered directly from the ATO.