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Welcome to Stockland Momenta


Accelerating Ambition

Experience business acceleration at our innovative inner city logistics hub, where proximity to market seamlessly merges with lifestyle advantages.

Stockland Momenta is a state-of-the-art warehouse for lease offering premium design and asset management.

The 15,000sqm* facility is an all-in-one solution that can house both your warehouse and office—streamlining your business and accelerating your ambition.

Strategically located

Stockland Momenta is conveniently located in Banksmeadow near Sydney’s key distribution channels - making it ideal for ‘last mile’ businesses.

ESG Initiatives


Seamlessly Stockland

As one of the leading creators and curators of connected communities, we are motivated by a growing desire to develop infrastructures that support a better way to live.

Streamline your business, accelerate your ambition. DA approved with expected delivery Q1 2026. Contact one of our agents to learn more.