Ballarat landscape celebrated in new giant mural at Stockland Wendouree

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08 February 2024

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Stockland Wendouree has revealed a giant new mural titled ‘Bush Blooms’, which reflects the rich environment of the Ballarat region, while also embracing Ballarat’s bold future vision with its geometric style.

The Stockland team worked with local artists Stephanie Cartledge and Justine McAllister to create a contemporary mural spanning nearly 20 metres, located near the entrance to Priceline.

The mural took approximately a fortnight to complete and features native flora painted in tones of yellow and purple to represent the landscape of Ballarat.

Artists Stephanie Cartledge and Justine McAllister said the project held personal significance having both grown up in Ballarat.

“Leaving our mark on the city where we were born and raised has been an unforgettable experience. Mural art should resonate with its surroundings and be site-specific, so by understanding the unique character of the area, we created a piece that not only enhances the physical space, but also fosters a sense of connection and belonging for visitors to the centre,” Ms Cartledge and Ms McAllister said.

“Through this mural, we hope to prompt viewers to pause and marvel at the beauty of our natural surroundings. Our intention is to cultivate an appreciation for nature, advocating for its preservation and fostering a deeper connection to the environment.”

The artists said the Ballarat community gave a lot of positive feedback over the two weeks it took to paint the mural, with many checking in daily to watch the mural’s progress.

“We were excited for the opportunity to paint in our hometown. It has allowed us to give back to the community that has shaped us,” Ms Cartledge and Ms McAllister added.

Stockland Wendouree Centre Manager Stevie Wright said it was a privilege to have worked with the artists on creating a bright and meaningful mural for the community.

“Our centre is more than just a place to shop – it’s a place where people come to socialise with friends and family,” Ms Wright said.

“We look for opportunities at our centres to create public art with the community that’s centred on storytelling, connection to place, education, and respect. The installation of this artwork reflects our approach to placemaking and bringing people together in a vibrant and interesting centre.”

Bush Blooms at Stockland Wendouree is just one of the many artworks that are transforming spaces at Stockland town centres nationally as part of our Public Art Strategy. Murals, sculptures and semi-permanent artworks celebrate diverse cultures, foster inclusivity, and hold up a mirror to our customers so they recognise themselves within the communities we operate in, all of which contributes to community wellbeing and resilience.

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About the artists

Stephanie is a Ballarat-based artist and muralist. She finds inspiration for her stylised works in the distinct beauty of local flora and fauna. Her work places a deliberate emphasis on the interplay of shapes and their ability to create a sense of balance within compositions. A defining characteristic of her style is the harmonious interplay of vivid colours and understated, earthy tones – a deliberate reflection of the dynamic contrasts found in the environments she depicts.

Justine McAllister is a Melbourne-based artist who was born and bred in Ballarat. Her works are dynamic compositions of colour and chaos. Often creating motifs that are playful and theatrical, McAllister pairs objects and symbols with abstract elements to explore ideas of identity and persona. She also utilizes references throughout art history and brings them into a contemporary context. For the last 10+ years, McAllister has focused her practice around large-scale murals for the public art space.