Media Release

Local cafe keeps brewing thanks to home delivery service at Stockland The Willows Retirement Village

08 May 2020

Local on-site café at Stockland’s The Willows Retirement Village – the ‘Coffee Pot’ – continues to brew and serve residents with its new home delivery service.

Mel Day, Operator of the Coffee Pot, said that one reason for organising home delivery was to help maintain consistency and a sense of ‘normality’ for residents.

“Under normal circumstances, the Coffee Pot is a valuable social hub in the community, so we knew residents would be feeling a sense of loss not being able to enjoy that while restrictions are still in place.

“The residents have been really appreciative to receive their usual coffee and food orders, but also love the chance to socialise with us for a few minutes from a safe distance. It’s also rewarding to know that we can still provide them with healthy homemade meals during these times.”

Joyce Jones, a resident at The Willows and regular at the café, said that she was devastated when she heard the café had to be closed.

“I’m so thankful that I can still order from the café and enjoy their fresh cooked meals from the comfort and safety of my home.

“I really miss meeting up with my friends at the Coffee Pot, but I understand why it needed to close. We all appreciate the effort that Mel and the staff at The Willows have gone to so that we can all still enjoy the café’s coffee and food while isolating.”

Debbie Magro, Village Manager at The Willows, said that they’re always looking for ways to keep the residents engaged and happy.

“We knew the impact that this would have on our residents, but also knew how it would affect the café operator. The home delivery service was a very clear and easy solution to benefit both parties. It’s been running smoothly and we have more and more residents taking advantage of the service every day.

“We’ve heard very positive feedback, and have even seen residents sharing their morning teas from their balconies. We’re so fortunate to have such a connected and supportive community here at The Willows.”