Media Release

Natural Solar and Stockland shine a light on residential sustainability with solar and battery offer

07 October 2021

Natural Solar, Australia’s largest and leading installer of solar batteries, and Stockland, the largest residential developer in Australia, have teamed up to offer almost 40,000 households across 30 Stockland communities the opportunity to reduce energy consumption and power bills with discounted solar power and battery solutions.

Together, they are harnessing Stockland’s scale to help residents across communities in Victoria, New South Wales, Canberra, Queensland and Western Australia live more sustainably and economically with the largest exclusive offer of its kind. The solutions are enhanced through retail electricity offerings, such as the Tesla Energy Plan, which can significantly improve the return on investment for homeowners.

“This initiative is set to be a game changer for household energy management, and Natural Solar is delighted to team up with Stockland, which has a well-established reputation as a global sustainability leader within the real estate sector which closely aligns with our core values and vision,” said Chris Williams, CEO of Natural Solar.

“Not only are we the leading battery installer in Australia, our company has a proud history with Tesla, having installed one of the world’s first Tesla Powerwalls back in 2016. We are delighted to include the expanded Tesla Energy Plan, which is already Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant, as a part of this Stockland solar and battery offer.

“This offering can accelerate customers’ return on investment through ongoing grid credits, while also providing a 15 year industry leading Powerwall product warranty for Tesla Energy Plan customers and a 10 year warranty for all Powerwall owners. We’re excited that Stockland is advocating the benefits of solar and batteries to its residents so that they can contribute to and use electricity in a more dynamic and intelligent way,” said Mr Williams.

For eligible households opting into the Tesla Energy Plan, this includes utilising time of use tariffs to optimise home electricity consumption, avoiding peak tariffs by charging their battery from the sun or during off peaks times automatically via world leading software.

“The rollout of this solar and battery offer could mark a major shift and acceleration in the uptake of smart home solar and battery solutions and a change in homeowner’s relationship with how and when they use electricity,” added Mr Williams.

A package of solar panels could save households as much as $800-$1,500 a year depending on the consumption patterns and circumstances. With discounts of up to 45 per cent, residents have access to five options, comprising a mix of solar panel and battery solutions, to choose from depending on their preferences. A solar and Powerwall package participating in Tesla Energy Plan could save anywhere between $1,600-$2,583 per year.[1]

“As a creator of masterplanned communities, Stockland is in a unique position to not only incorporate sustainability features into our communities, but also develop opportunities, like this innovative offer from Natural Solar, for our customers to take up in their own homes,” said Amy Hogan, Head of Sustainability, Stockland.

“Residential buildings contribute around 57 per cent of the built form’s greenhouse gas emissions, and while renewable energy offerings like this are good for the environment, they’re also a good investment for residents.

“Natural Solar has designed packages specifically for our customers – more than 80 per cent of which are owner occupiers and 50 per cent of which are first home buyers – so they can save money and spend it on other things for their new home, knowing that they are contributing to a more sustainable future,” said Ms Hogan.

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