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Stockland invites Australians to give a little Christmas

19 November 2018

Stockland has today shared its 2018 Christmas Campaign, launching across its national social and owned media channels to an audience of over 450,000 people.  

The emotive content-led campaign, titled ‘Give a Little Christmas’, celebrates the spontaneous, unplanned and unexpected moments that make Christmas special and can bring a community closer.

Ben Allen, General Manager Marketing at Stockland, said: “At Stockland, we believe Christmas is a special time for friends and families, but also for whole communities to come together. The insight that drove this year’s campaign was that while there is often a lot of preparation that goes into making a wonderful Christmas day, some of the little magic moments can come from unexpected gifts or thoughtful actions from the people around us.

"We wanted to start a community movement by gently encouraging our customers to spread their Christmas spirit a little wider this year by surprising someone during the holidays. Whether it’s helping your neighbour with their lights, extending your Christmas lunch guest-list or baking enough pudding for the whole street, December is about those little acts of unexpected kindness that really bring everyone closer.

“Stockland is committed to delivering community, convenient and curated retail town centres that will stand the test of time. We hope that this heart-warming campaign will bring to the forefront the importance of connecting with others at this time of year and reminds viewers that it is the meaningful moments we share with family, friends and our community that makes Christmas so special.”

For customers who might be moved to ‘give a little Christmas’ and include someone unexpected on their shopping list, Stockland has a variety of gift ideas listed on their website. Customers can view the gift guide here:  

To spread joy even further, Stockland has partnered with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal to improve the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia. In the spirit of the season, the Stockland CARE Foundation has committed $50,000 to the charitable organisation as part of the company’s annual Christmas eCard campaign for the holiday season.

Ben Allen continues “With over 420,000 customers visiting a Stockland shopping centre every day, we see Christmas as an opportunity to inspire moments of kindness and generosity within our communities. We truly hope this year’s campaign will remind our customers to cherish one another and enjoy all the memorable moments the season has to offer.”


The story of the video

The ‘Give a Little Christmas campaign was created by CX agency Lavender and directed by Australian director Tristan Houghton.

The film revolves around a young family who move into a tight-knit neighbourhood during the Christmas season. Off the back of their arrival, a series of pay it forward moments ensue. One thoughtful anonymous gift arrives on the doorstep of a home and this triggers a ripple effect.

From the ‘Best chef in the neighbourhood’ to the ‘Best dog in the neighbourhood’, a member of each household receives an intimate gift that highlights just how close communities can be.

This series of gift-it-forward moments culminates in the home of the newly arrived family. After a mysterious knock on the door, the family receive the most meaningful gift of all –an invitation to join their neighbours in their long standing Christmas tradition.

The video offers a reflection on what matters most at this magical time of year, inspiring viewers to consider whose lives they can brighten and inviting them to ‘Give a little Christmas’ and think about the people in their life they can surprise with random gifts of kindness.

This is the third year that Stockland has taken a content-led approach at Christmas,  building upon the success of last year’s award winning[1] campaign ‘Share Some Unexpected Joy’ and the previous year’s award winning[2] ‘Unwrap Christmas’ campaign.

This year’s campaign will be supported by social, digital, print, radio and in-centre display advertising and will evolve over the coming weeks with a series of multi-channel touch points.

The ‘Give a Little Christmas’ video can be viewed at:

and on Stockland’s YouTube channel:



Notes to editor: Agency and creative credits

Creative agency: CX agency Lavender

Creative Production: Taxi Film Production

Director: Tristan Houghton

Production agency:  Wellcom Worldwide

Media agency: Ikon Communication




[1] Winner best multi centre brand and partnerships for Unexpected Joy, Shopping Centre Council of Australia Marketing Awards 2018.

[2] Winner best multi centre digital for Unwrap Christmas, Shopping Centre Council of Australia Marketing Awards 2017.