Media Release

Stockland invites Australians to share some unexpected joy this Christmas

16 November 2017

Stockland has today shared its 2017 Christmas Campaign, launching across its forty national social and owned media channels to an audience of over 350,000 people.

The emotive content-led campaign, titled ‘Share Some Unexpected Joy’, brings to life the true happiness of the season when it is shared together.

Ben Allen, General Manager Marketing at Stockland, said: “At Stockland, we believe Christmas is a time when everyone should have a place. A place to laugh, a place to celebrate, a place to share a meal. But it all starts with a place to sit.”

“Christmas is the season for togetherness but for many it is a lonely time, with over 500,000 Australians expected to spend Christmas alone this year.1

“We hope this heart-warming campaign will bring to the fore the importance of connecting with others at this time of year and encourage our customers to share some unexpected joy in their own life, no matter how small.”

For customers who might be moved to invite an old friend, new neighbour or family member they haven’t seen in a while to their own Christmas table, Stockland has designed and printed 50,000 limited edition invitations available at its shopping centres across the country. Customers can reserve their pack of four invitations from

As a local extension to the campaign, all 40 Stockland shopping centres from as far north as Cairns in Queensland to as far west as Baldivis in Western Australia, are working with local organisations to connect customers with community events in their area which they can attend, or volunteer their time to help others enjoy a more social Christmas.

To spread joy even further, Stockland has partnered with Mission Australia as an option for customers wishing to donate to help give families a safe and secure home this Christmas. Stockland has also committed $25,000 to the Mission Australia Christmas Appeal.

Ben Allen continues “With over 420,000 customers visiting a Stockland shopping centre every day, we see Christmas as an opportunity to help make this season brighter for everyone. We want to connect with our customers and to allow them to connect with others in their community. We truly hope this year’s campaign will inspire people to find a way to share some of their own joy this Christmas.”


The story of the video

The ‘Share Some Unexpected Joy’ campaign was created by CX agency Lavender, directed by Australian director Jay Topping, and set to an original composition by award-winning Sydney based composer Maria Alfonsine.

The video tells the story of Lucy, a thoughtful Australian girl who recognises that just like her and her mother, some of their neighbours will be spending Christmas alone this year. So Lucy invites them to bring a dish and join them for Christmas dinner.

Opening on a note of loneliness, the video turns into a heart-warming tale of togetherness. A reflection on what matters most at this magical time of year, inspiring viewers to consider whose lives they can brighten, by inviting them over for Christmas to share some unexpected joy.

This is the second year that Stockland has taken a content-led approach at Christmas, building upon its success of last year’s award-winning campaign ‘Unwrap Christmas’.2

The campaign will be supported by social, digital, print, radio and in-centre display advertising and will evolve over the coming weeks with a series of multi-channel touch points.

The ‘Share Some Unexpected Joy’ video can be viewed at: and on Stockland’s YouTube channel


1 McCrindle Aussie Sentiment Survey.
2 Winner best multi centre digital for Unwrap Christmas, Shopping Centre Council of Australia Marketing Awards 2017. 


Notes to editor

Christmas characters

Lenora, 91 years old. Elderly widow with children living overseas.

Alek, 32 years old. New Australian, living and working in a new city.

Lee, 22 years old. Interstate student who won’t be travelling home for the holidays.

Lucy, 10 years old. Daughter of an emergency worker who will be on duty over Christmas.

Bec, 36 years old. Wife of an emergency worker who will be on duty over Christmas.


Agency and creative credits

Creative agency: CX agency Lavender

Creative production: CX agency Lavender and Eight

Production agency: Wellcom Worldwide

Media agency: Ikon Communication

Director: Jay Topping

Music composer: Maria Alfonsine