Media Release

Stockland launches playful new Mothers Day campaign Riddle Me This

28 April 2021

Stockland is helping mums communicate to their loved ones the special gifts they’d like to receive this Mother’s Day in a fun way that preserves the magic of surprise, with its new campaign, ‘Riddle Me This’.

Together with creative agency, Host/Havas, Stockland created a campaign that adds a gamification element to the Mother’s Day experience by turning Stockland’s top gift ideas into fun riddles on Spotify that mums can browse, select and send to people of their choosing.

Ben Allen, General Manager, Customer and Group Marketing at Stockland, said: “Mums are really between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. The intent behind this year’s campaign was to help mums tell their loved ones what they want or need in a fun way, all without actually saying a word themselves.

“For instance, ‘Even when the sun’s down, I’m still in light. When people come over, mum puts me in sight. A match brings me to life, wind puts me to sleep. My smell is beautiful; one mum loves to keep.

Jon Austin, Executive Creative Director at Host/Havas said: “As someone who once rummaged through our family’s garage and found my mum an old lint remover for Mother’s Day, I loved this insight the moment I saw it. We’ve had great fun working with Stockland and bringing this one to life. Hopefully, it leads to a downward trend in broken lint removers and other garage-sourced gifts.”

Ben Allen further stated: “We think customers are going to love the challenge of working out what mum really wants and will appreciate knowing exactly what to purchase this Mother’s Day.

“We know this has been a challenging year, so wanted to ensure that this year’s campaign not only alleviates some of the pressures customers may feel around what to purchase, but also provides them with a fun way to browse product categories available at retailers within their nearest Stockland town centre before heading to the shop.”

The campaign also includes localised Mother’s Day gift guides, inspirational stories from mums and recipes for the whole family, which includes a bespoke cake baked by Stockland Ambassador and professional chef, Miguel Maestre.

To listen to the playlist, search “Stockland Presents: Riddle Me This” on Spotify, or visit

For more information on the campaign, please visit, or to browse the special Mother’s Day gift guides, please visit your nearest Stockland town centre’s website.