Media Release

Stockland launches The Letter Project with Australian writers and Western Sydney University

02 May 2019

Stockland has partnered with a number of Australian writers and Western Sydney University to further connect and empower mums across the country this Mother’s Day, launching ‘The Letter Project: To All Those Who Mum’.

Australian mums of all walks of life are invited to explore the open letter editorial series written from one mother to another, containing honest and inspiring thoughts, both good and bad, on motherhood; in a bid to help mothers feel better connected and understood.

Ben Allen, GM Customer and Group Marketing at Stockland said: “This campaign aims to unite mums across the country; to let them know they are not alone in their challenges or insecurities.”

“We strongly support diversity and feel it is important to recognise the variety of mums we see in our communities, from new mums, step mums and working mums, to single mums, grandmothers and all those in between.”

“Mother’s Day has a unique meaning to each person, and we wanted to capture this diversity in our campaign stories; to help mums feel heard, seen and appreciated not just this Sunday, but every day of the year,” he said.

Mamamia podcast host Mandy Nolan is one of six Australian writers with diverse experience of motherhood to have authored the open letter series.

“Between the six of us, we know a little bit about mums,” said Mandy. “We want to make the world a better place for women and girls, part of which starts with helping women to feel connected and understood. ‘The Letter Project’ does just that; sharing bold and candid insights about motherhood without the frills or ribbons.”

Men, women and children alike can also show their support by either sharing one of the open letters on social media, or write their own using the hashtags #FOMTA and #FromOneMotherToAnother.

Stockland is also collaborating with Western Sydney University to support new mums this Mother’s Day.

“The blissful side to parenthood is often discussed, but Western Sydney University research shows that becoming a new mother can also bring with it overwhelming emotions at a time when you least expect it,” said Professor Virginia Schmied, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University.

“We began this letters project to encourage the sharing of wisdom to support new mothers and to address maternal worries and anxiety.”

“The letters will be hand delivered to new mothers at Western Sydney hospitals on Mother's Day, with the aim of supporting and inspiring them during such a significant time,” Professor Schmied said.

Ben Allen continues, “We see Mother’s Day as opportunity not just to celebrate women and the diversity of motherhood, but also help mums feel better connected in their challenging role. We have built on the success of this campaign, and truly hope it will inspire people to acknowledge, thank and celebrate the incredible women who have helped raise them.”

This year’s campaign builds on the 2018 recognised Mother’s Day campaign “To All Those Who Mum.” The full content hub including all open letters, partnerships and gift guides can be found at