Media Release

Stockland partners with Jules Sebastian on six part Instagram TV virtual recipe series

19 October 2020

Stockland has partnered with Sydney-based presenter, stylist and author Jules Sebastian on a six-part Instagram TV recipe series – with episodes released monthly – in an effort to inspire customers to create healthy, easy-to-make meals from their kitchens at home.

The series kicked off this month with an online demonstration from Jules on making the perfect light summer dish: homemade rice paper rolls. More episodes – including recipes for fish tacos and fattoush salad and kofta – will be released over the coming months.

Ben Allen, GM Customer and Group Marketing at Stockland, said: “We designed this virtual recipe series with parents in mind and those looking for new ideas for easy nutritional meals.

“We hope that people will be inspired by the recipes featured in the series – and by Jules’ energetic, can-do attitude – and join her in creating them at home.

“Of course, we encourage viewers to head to their local Stockland shopping centre for the ingredients, and work alongside Jules to bring these incredible looking recipes to life in the comfort of their own homes.”

Jules Sebastian, presenter and professional stylist, said that she was thrilled to partner with Stockland on this initiative.

“I love the values that Stockland stands for – family, community and celebrating the things that bring us all together.”

On the recipe series, Jules said that she hopes families will learn some new recipe ideas and use it as an opportunity to connect with loved ones in the kitchen.

“I’m a firm believer that food brings people together, and I want to make it easy and affordable for families to get involved. I’m also an advocate for my kids trying new flavours so am hoping these recipes will help others accomplish that too.

“I think every parents wants their kids to eat well and heave a healthy relationship with food, so I try to subtly educate my own kids by what I put on their plate. It’s important for the food to look but also be nutritional.”

All recipe videos will be made available online at