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Stockland Point Cook inclusive playspace opens

15 October 2015

Stockland today launched Victoria’s first inclusive playground within a shopping centre at Stockland Point Cook. The unique playground built in conjunction with Stockland CARE foundation partner, Touched By Olivia, has been designed to ensure children of all abilities and ages can play together.

To celebrate the opening, Wyndham City Councillors Adele Hegedich and Bob Fairclough joined local children to officially open the playground and host a Playground Party for the community.

Stockland Chief Operating Officer and CARE Foundation board member, Michael Rosmarin, said the new playground was a perfect example of the work of the Stockland CARE Foundation to support community wellbeing.

The new playground at Stockland Point Cook includes a number of important features to allow all children to play together including those with physical disabilities, vision, hearing and mobility impairments, or spectrum disorders such as autism. The playground includes wheelchair accessible equipment, easily accessible stairs and pathways, passive areas, sensory and tactile play spaces as well as an adult seating and supervision area. 

Wyndham City Councillor Adele Hegedich congratulated Stockland on their consultation with the community to develop a space that the whole community could enjoy.

“As a rapidly growing municipality, this new play space could be enjoyed by over 31,000 Wyndham children who are under 11 years of age. Wyndham City greatly appreciates this initiative from Stockland that ensures children of all abilities can play together and also helps create and promote a sense of belonging and connection in our community. Council hopes this will become a destination for people across the region to meet and socialise while their children enjoy the fun of playing.”

Touched by Olivia Executive Officer Bec Ho said the new Touched By Olivia Playground at Stockland Point Cook has been designed to offer children an experience, not just equipment, so regardless of their abilities all children could enjoy themselves.

“With one in five Australians living with a disability, inclusive play spaces like this are so important for the children, the parents and the whole community. “We understand disability is not just about a child in a wheelchair, it’s about a child with autism or a grandparent with vision impairment. We’re hoping if children can start on a level playing field, playgrounds like this will lead to creating a community that is more inclusive.”

The new Touched by Olivia Playground at Stockland Point Cook is part of a $25 million centre redevelopment which saw a brand new 4,000 square metre full-line Woolworths open its doors in August, reaffirming the centre’s position as the premier fresh food destination. The redevelopment has also introduced a number of new specialty stores including Vodafone, Nextra, Specsavers, Michele’s Patisserie and Sparkling Car Wash.

Stockland launched the CARE foundation earlier this year, for the purpose of delivering infrastructure, programs and initiatives that improve the health, wellbeing and education of communities in and around our assets. Stockland’s partnership with Touched By Olivia has also supported the development of inclusive playgrounds in Stockland Baldivis and Stockland Shellharbour this year as well as four social enterprise cafes in Stockland residential communities.

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Notes to editor:

About The CARE Foundation:
The Stockland CARE Foundation was launched in early 2015 to amplify Stockland community work and contribute to the areas of wellbeing and education. The CARE Foundation partners with Touched By Olivia and Redkite to provide inclusive play spaces and support young people and their families diagnosed with cancer.

About The Touched by Olivia Foundation:
Founded in 2006 in memory of Olivia Perkins, Touched by Olivia believe that all children, regardless of ability, can lead healthier and happier lives. Touched by Olivia advocate for an inclusive society, through its national network of inclusive play spaces and social enterprises that provide training and employment for people with disabilities

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