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Stockland reveals the favourite home design and style trend for Australian dreamers

21 March 2022

Exclusive new data from one of Australia’s largest residential developers, Stockland, has revealed the nation’s favourite home design and style trend for 2022 as Coastal Hues .

Selected by more than a quarter (26.7%) of the 84,000+ Australians who used our ‘Dreamcatcher’ tool to navigate home design trends, Coastal Hues celebrates open spaces, crisp white walls, warm timber flooring, natural jute, vibrant greenery and layers of organic linen.

Dreamcatcher – named after the 1.2 million Australians who are in the early consideration phase (“dreamers) of the home buying journey, was launched by Stockland late 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The tool helps users navigate through Australian home design trends and immerse themselves in 3D virtual home tours and guided videos so they can better conceptualise their personal design style. With the help of Stockland-approved builders and stylists, users can also design their custom styleboard, be assigned their style DNA profile and uncover their unique interior design style.

Sophie Pickett-Heaps, Co-Head of Design at Stockland, said: “Research shows 71% of Australians are rethinking what kind of home they wish to live in while just over a quarter (26%) are thinking about renovating.

“With Australians also now spending $1 billion (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics) a month on home renovations and improvements, our Dreamcatcher tool combines design concepts with real images that prospective buyers can browse, share and pin onto an intuitive style board.

“For the majority of Australians their home is their castle, and with the many frequent lockdowns over the past year, Australians have been investing more time and thought into their home environment than ever before.

“As such, we’ve seen a great uptake of our new Dreamcatcher tool. What we are seeing from this tool is the strong desire for a more Coastal style of living, with its light and airy feel, earth tones, warm timber floors, reminiscent of long lazy afternoons by the beach. This has come out as the key favourite, truly epitomising the Australian lifestyle whether you live in Manly or Marsden Park,” said Ms Pickett-Heaps.

Based on the number of visits, shares and pins of a particular design style on the platform, between 1 August 2021 and 31 January 2022, users from across the country (New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia) revealed their preferences.

Following Coastal Hues, Hamptons Retreat styling still proves popular, with 20,311 (24.02%) Australians showcasing their love for cool whites, muted greys, ocean hues and warm timber. Think freshly painted cladding, plantation shutters and traditional wainscoting paired harmoniously with antique hardware, natural textures and raw linen.

The Urban Edit aesthetic rounded out the top three, with 15,807 (18.7%) favouring a lower maintenance style of living with surfaces that are easy to clean with lots of natural light.

The Dreamcatcher data also revealed the type of rooms and colours that were trending among prospective and existing homeowners across the country with over a quarter of users searching for inspiration for their Kitchen and 20% of users looking for Living Room and Bathroom/Laundry inspo. When it comes to our palette preferences the natural aesthetic of timber continues to be a winner with over 31% of users searching for this colour trend. Other key tones included White (30%) and Grey (22%).

Dreamcatcher was conceived after Stockland research revealed that, as a result of spending more time in the home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 71% of Australians are rethinking what kind of home they want to live in, while a further 38% said they have become less satisfied with at least one aspect of their current home or neighbourhood.

Stockland Dreamcatcher enables users to fall in love with their future homes, sooner.

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