Media Release

Stockland throws its support behind new scouts group

04 May 2023

Stockland Providence is supporting the development of a new branch of Scouts which has officially launched in the Ripley Valley region.

The Ripley Scout group aims to encourage the physical, social, and intellectual development of young people with organised activities such as camping, bushwalking, canoeing, climbing, and boating.

Stockland Project Director David Franklin said the business is thrilled to see the Ripley Scout group come to life.

“We know how important it is for young people to have a safe space where they can get to know their community better,” said Mr Franklin.

“With Providence becoming one of the fastest growing regions in Brisbane’s Western Growth Corridor, we are proud to have played a role in helping to facilitate the development of a new branch of Scouts in our community.

“Stockland Providence features various elements of open space and opportunities for kids to play, learn and explore, which ties in with the Scouts’ principles.”

Since Ripley Scouts started last October, the program has seen over 80 new members sign up, aged from 5 to 25.

Ripley Scouts group leader and founder Andrea Finch said Stockland has advocated and backed the Scouts group to get off the ground in the Ripley Valley area, and she is excited to see the relationship grow.

“The Ripley Scout group teaches young members of our community key development skills such as independent thinking, leadership, problem-solving skills, social interaction and responsibility,” said Ms Finch.

“Our aim is to help young people to embrace their adventurous side and encourage them to push their boundaries, giving them the tools to develop into strong, resilient adults and valuable members of the community.”

Stockland Providence is already home to 4,000 residents and is estimated to cater to 20,000 residents over the next 20 years.

Upon completion, the 700-hectare community will include four schools, a proposed village centre and satellite hospital, and more than 200 hectares of parkland and sporting facilities.

The Stockland Providence community is located 43 kilometres south-west of the Brisbane CBD and 12 kilometres west of Greater Springfield.

For more information about Stockland Providence and the Ripley Scout Group, visit