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Stockland tips for timeless interior design

15 August 2019

Good interior design can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary space, and it need not cost a fortune. Whatever the budget and style, anyone can make the most of their home with some simple design tips.

The majority of Stockland’s residential customers in Victoria are owner-occupiers and for them, interior design is an essential step towards really feeling at home, says Kerry Balci, Project Director for Stockland Victoria.

“One of the main benefits of building a new home is that you can choose a design and colour scheme to suit your needs and preferences,” Mrs Balci said.

“Once a home is built, interior design is often the first thing on homeowners’ minds. They may not feel confident to tackle this job, but as the main users of their space, they are in fact the most suitable people for the job.

“Stockland has more than 60 years’ experience in creating highly liveable communities and helping our customers build dream homes, and we have plenty of tips to share.

“To find inspiration and advice, it’s a good idea to head to one of the Stockland display villages in Melbourne, which showcase the latest in interior design trends.”

Here are five interior design tips to help guide homeowners in finding their style and crafting a beautiful space:

Define your dream space

The first step for any interior designer is to define how they want to use the spaces in their home. Comfort, calmness and efficiency are common goals for homeowners who want their homes to be places of tranquillity. Factor in the nitty and gritty of real life. For example, busy young families may opt for spaces that are durable and highly functional, while downsizers and retirees may choose low-maintenance, luxury spaces. Everyone’s living goals are unique.

Size matters

Taking into account the size of a room is critical when designing, particularly when choosing furniture and deciding where to position it. Small rooms are arguably the most difficult to arrange, but smart interior design can find a way to open them up as much as possible. In a small space, try to leave a large portion of ‘white space’, which is the space around furniture. By leaving a lot of white space, a small room doesn’t look cramped.

Getting the right flow

An uncluttered, well-arranged space cannot only help occupants and guests move around easily, but it also makes your home more inviting. For example, a lounge chair with its back to the door is closed off and uninviting. Placed towards the door and angled in a direction that doesn’t block the room, the flow of the room is instantly improved. Thinking about your room’s flow will help the furniture pieces work together and create a sense of harmony.

Colour me happy

Colour plays a big role in the mood created in a room. Neutrals such as whites and greys are easily adaptable and timeless in their appeal. With neutrals, it’s easy to add touches of bright colour with cushions and throw rugs. Warm colours are vibrant and intimate, while cool colours inspire a calm and relaxed feeling.

Create a hero

Home renovation shows often refer to the “hero of the room” and this refers to a single point of attention. This could be anything - a stunning lamp, colourful rug or vintage chair. Heroes or focal points help any room really work well. Design your space with these constantly in mind and you’ll make a powerful impact.

Stockland’s display villages at Highlands in Craigieburn, Cloverton in Kalkallo and newly opened Edgebrook in Clyde are open seven days a week from 11am-5pm.

To find out more about Stockland’s Victorian communities, visit the Sales and Information Centre at your chosen community, call 13 5263, or go to