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Teen entrepreneur gears up for launch of technology expo on Sunshine Coast

07 December 2016

Local teen entrepreneur Lili Scout is one of hundreds of youths counting down the days until the launch of the Young Innovators’ Day on the Sunshine Coast this Saturday, (10 December 2016).

The 14-year-old, who is the world’s youngest certified antigravity instructor, is hosting the Stockland and Code Club Australia initiative which aims to inspire school children to become the next generation of technological innovators.

Kicking off at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Innovation Centre, the expo will feature interactive activities and an immersive introduction to new technologies including robotics, virtual reality, Code Club coding workshops, building with Minecraft, plus a special appearance by the southern hemisphere’s only humanoid robot, Chip.

The response to the inaugural event has been overwhelming, with an additional 100 places added to free information sessions, after the initial spots booked out in less than a week.

Lili said she was super excited about the expo and that she felt privileged to be a part of the family-friendly event.

“I am really looking forward to meeting Chip and watching the awesome kids in our community getting involved with technology,’’ Lili said.

Lili said the expo was a fantastic initiative by Stockland and Code Club Australia and that it was important to get kids excited about technology outside the school environment.

“When kids are exposed to events like this, they become more engaged and excited about possible career options in these industries rather than just being taught the skills at school in a conventional and conservative way,’’ she said.

“This expo will help pave the way for a more innovative, creative and inspired generation.”

Michael Rosmarin, Chief Operating Officer at Stockland, said the expo aimed to educate and inspire children on the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths education (STEM) – core skills required for Australia’s jobs of the future.

“With 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations requiring STEM-related skills and knowledge, an early understanding and interest in coding and associated technology subjects has the potential to set kids up for their future careers,’’ Mr Rosmarin said.

“We are hoping that by attending this expo, youngsters will gain an understanding of how to create technology so that they can be fully equipped for the jobs we know will be required for Australia’s future.”

Code Club Australia’s Kelly Tagalan said exhibitors at the expo include Sphero, the University of the Sunshine Coast, Microsoft and Tech Girls Are Superheros. “Our goal at Code Club Australia is to make sure every child across the country has the chance to learn how to control, not just use, technology. We’re thrilled to be running the Young Innovators’ Day with Stockland as part of this campaign.”

The winner of Stockland’s Robotics Challenge, a competition which called on Australian school children aged 8 to 15 years to submit a creative idea on how robotics technology could improve their community, will be announced on the day.

Notes to editor

About Chip:

  • Chip is a social robot (REEM robot) from Spanish robotics company PAL Robotics. There are only three REEMs in the world and Chip is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • At 1.7m and 100kg, Chip is as tall as a person and can carry as much as 30kg on its back platform and 1 kg in each hand
  • 8 hour battery life: one of the longest battery life in a humanoid robot of this size.
  • Through using a wide set of in-built sensors, Chip can make a map and navigate autonomously in large indoor environments to the desired destination in real environments - avoiding obstacles and finding the shortest path.
  • Chip can interact with people and provide a variety of information and services through a 12.1” touchscreen in its torso.
  • Chip can be programmed to speak 9 languages, make jokes and compliments, shake hands, help people to find a place and can track and recognise faces.

About Lili Scout:

  • Lili started her first business at the age of 10 selling cupcakes and cookies at local markets with her younger brother Ocean.
  • She was determined to become an entrepreneur because she wanted to solve a problem that was important to her, give back to the community and to make some pocket money.
  • Lili has been involved in prototyping a beverage and she is currently focussing on her Antigravity Fitness Education.
  • Lili has been accepted to the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries and is looking forward to the projects she will create and the people she will meet there.

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