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Work commences on all abilities park at Stockland Edgebrook community

04 February 2020

City of Casey residents will soon be able to enjoy an inclusive playspace specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as construction commences this month at Stockland Edgebrook.

The playspace, known as Variety Livvi’s Place, was custom designed alongside independent ASD consultants, behavioral therapists and Variety – the Children’s Charity and will feature several carefully crafted zones, which encourage learning and safe sensory experiences to assist children with sensory processing, social interaction and movement.

Within the playspace, there are ‘Water Sensory Zones’, with water play known to have a distinct calming effect for children experiencing sensory processing disorders1. ‘Quiet Spaces’ are also incorporated into the design so that children can take time out before returning to the play area. Additionally, the playspace features ‘themed zones’ to promote calmness.

Kerry Balci, Project Director at Edgebrook said that Stockland is committed to creating inclusive playspaces for all children, regardless of their age and abilities.

“We are proud to be able to develop this beautiful playspace at Edgebrook which truly caters to our diverse community, and in the coming months we’ll be welcoming our VIP testers to road-test the new facilities. We’re looking forward to seeing how local community members make the most of the new playspace at Stockland Edgebrook.”

David Sexton, CEO of Variety – the Children’s Charity NSW/ACT, said playspaces like Variety Livvi’s Place at Edgebrook are fundamental in creating inclusivity in communities across Australia.

“Variety is proud to work alongside communities and organisations such as Stockland, to make an inclusive playspace a reality. We have a dedicated team of inclusive play experts who work to build incredible playspaces, which meet the needs of the community now and into the future. We believe every local council area must have at least one inclusive playspace and we’re very excited to be partnering with a forward thinking organisation like Stockland in an ongoing capacity to begin changing the way public playspaces are built.”

Variety Livvi’s Place at Edgebrook will be open to VIP testers in Mid-2020 closely followed by a public launch.

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Notes to editor:

The playspace includes several unique zones designed specifically for children with ASD such as:

  • Water Sensory Zones: These zones feature water play having a distinct calming motion for children experiencing sensory processing disorders.
  • Quiet Spaces: Where children are able to take time out before returning to the play area
  • Themed Zones: These zones play an important role as research suggests that those on the spectrum find calmness following a unique storyline
  • Aquatic Zone: This zone connects Variety Livvi’s Place to Clyde Creek, a major feature of Edgebrook’s natural landscape. The design is based on the life cycle of the Dwarf Galaxias fish species that live in Clyde Creek including a water wheel, a frog sculpture and a pond amongst the reeds where children can relax.
  • Amphibian Zone: Edgebrook is home to the Growling Grass Frog and Glossy Grass Skink, so what better way to honour our native inhabitants than by designing a section of playground dedicated to them including a sandpit, in-ground trampolines and multiple slides for children of all abilities.
  • Lettuce Farm Zone: Paying homage to Clyde’s farming history, agricultural-themed elements have been incorporated into the playspace design including lettuce-themed spinning cups with wheelchair accessibility and tunnels that replicate the journey of a worm.
  • Bird in Flight Zone: Clyde’s wetlands are home to a variety of native birds that have been celebrated in the design of Variety Livvi’s Place at Edgebrook including sound chimes that echo the calls of the wetlands birds, a climbing tunnel leading to a fort structure, all abilities swings and a 4-point harness flying fox.