24 June 2016 4 min read

Looking for a new home doesn’t need to be overwhelming. To start your search, we recommend visiting a display village. To help you we’ve put together our top tips on making the most out of your display village visit.

Be Inspired by that ‘brand new’ feeling

Walking into a Stockland Display Village can give you that ‘brand new’ feeling. You’ll surely feel inspired by the latest designs, delightfully decorated interiors and all the new mod cons on-site during your visit. Stop by the major builders, as they will have a selection of their latest custom home designs on display to show customers what is available. New and interesting designs are constantly being generated and you can have the same for your own Stockland home!

Take the guides

Grab any printed guides at the display village. This way, you can take them home and have a flick through afterwards. Also, do your research beforehand and see if there’s anything online that catches your eye.


Enjoy the visit

It’s easy to get caught up in life and not fully immerse yourself in the moment. This is a fun experience. Enjoy yourself and get excited – you’re getting a brand new home!

Talk to the building representative

There’s a building representative at every display home. Take a business card and follow up on any queries you might have after your visit. It's better to ask than miss out.


Revisit the village

Revisit a home if your first time was limited or interrupted. It’s always better to visit a second time than to rush through the inspection.

Take note of the feeling

Take notes when you’re looking through our display villages so you can reflect on them once you leave. Touch, feel, embrace. Picture yourself living in that home by standing at the kitchen bench, take a seat in the living room and walk through the outdoor area. You want a home to boast liveability and you want a house you can see yourself settling into.

Plan It

Plan your visit in advance and know what you’re looking for. Make a wish list! If you have a block of land, find out which homes would fit the location.


If you’re in need of some inspiration for your own floor plan, head on over to one of our Stockland Display Villages to experience different modern floor plans in the one location. Take your time to have a look through what we have on offer.