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Why buy new?

Why buying new could be perfect for you

Purchase an existing home – or buy new? It’s the first decision every buyer faces, so it’s important to unpack the advantages of each before making the best decision for your home ownership journey.

Here we unpack why buying a new home could be the right choice for you.

Embrace a modern lifestyle, sooner

Moving into a new home is perfect if you’re looking to conveniently and quickly start enjoying the benefits of your new place. It’s a great option for buyers on a tight schedule e.g. Are you relocating for a new job? Do you need to lock in a home before locking in a new school for the kids?

If you’re considering customising your home to meet your current or future living needs, moving into a newly completed space can mean reducing timelines and challenges associated with renovating an existing home.

New homes are designed to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle. From open-plan living to alfreso dining options to more space to work from home. Consider your wish list before you step out to start exploring new home options.

Low maintenance living

Buying a high-quality new home means you can expect less maintenance when compared to an established home, and the general upkeep should be relatively minimal.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have the necessary builder warranties and manufacturer warranties for appliances.

Contemporary building standards

A new home has many advantages over an older property. Among them, contemporary building codes and standards – carefully factoring in energy ratings, temperature insulation, ventilation, structure, sound, electrical and fire safety, and more.

New homes tend to also factor in more contemporary design, to align with evolving lifestyles and ways of living. E.g. if you're downsizing, clever design solutions can offer you extensive storage. With a heightened focus on indoor-outdoor living, new homes largely lend themselves to more space for entertainment and play.

Connected communities with convenient amenities

Older homes are often located in well-established areas with existing services and long-term residents.

New neighbourhoods not only bring new homes – they also bring new parks, schools, essential services and local businesses, from cafes to bakeries. With the pace of life getting faster, more people are looking for connected, highly liveable communities that offer great conveniences.

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Sustainable living for a future focus

Sustainable building practices can be considered when choosing to buy a new home, but also when choosing the community you want to live in.

Many new homes are designed with sustainability in mind, with careful consideration given to building healthy, efficient and comfortable homes with a reduced carbon footprint. When buying your ideal home, going green can also mean making a financially savvy decision with compounding benefits. The greener you go, the more you are likely to save.

At Stockland, we’re passionate about designing and developing sustainable communities, considering all facets of life, from environmental to social. Our masterplanned communities are designed to be sustainable, self-sufficient and breathable. With close proximity to retail centres, schools, parks, transport and job opportunities, this makes living in a new community that much easier compared to some older suburbs.

For those the forward-thinking homeowners keen on going one step further, find out more about our all-electric communities, from Victoria’s Oak Place to WA’s Wildflower.

Home buyer government grants and concessions

To help achieve your new home ownership goal faster, there are several government grants and initiatives designed to provide financial support. You could be eligible for federal or state housing grants or stamp duty concessions. Find out more, here.

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