Community Life

Stockland communities are welcoming places. With regular events for residents to meet and spaces for the community to enjoy, there’s no wonder so many Australians call a Stockland community home. Find out below why we believe that finding that perfect community is just as important as the house you live in.



“Since moving to Newhaven, we’re a lot closer to friends who live nearby and have even made some new friends within the community…” – Heather and Richard, Newhaven

Stockland Communities

At Stockland we don’t just develop communities, we create the spaces where communities can thrive. Click or tap below for more information on Stockland’s approach to community design and development.

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How to Choose the Right Community

When it comes to creating the perfect home, the perfect community is just as important as the house. Let us help you find out what to look for in a community.

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Where to Start

Building a home can be an exciting but daunting process. We have collected some essential ideas and tips to help get you thinking at the start of the journey.

Community Design at a Glance

When it comes to building thriving communities, our approach has three key factors.


Quality amenity

We create thriving communities through our shared green spaces and access to amenities like schools, parks, shops and transport.


Staying Healthy

Stockland communities are designed with your future health and wellbeing in mind.


Inclusive design practices

Giving every resident that chance to lead a happy and healthy life.