Sustainable living

Stockland residential communities set the standard for sustainable living.

All communities are designed with nature in mind, creating an idyllic living space that blends into the surrounding environment.

Helping the environment
Stockland is committed to designing for the future and protecting the environment you call home.
Building for your future
Go green and save money on your everyday energy use.
Staying healthy
With expansive parks and dedicated pockets of greenery, both you and the environment benefit.

A leader in Green Star ratings

The Green Star Communities rating recognises leading design excellence across a wide range of environmental, economic and social sustainability measures. A Green Star-rated community is developed to the world’s highest environmental and liveability standards. Stockland are the leading developer of Green Star communities in Australia.

Steps to sustainable design

Designing, building and living in a more energy efficient home is easier than you think with Stockland.

Enjoying your community and all it has to offer

At Stockland we’re committed to providing a range of opportunities to improve health and wellbeing, build community connection and provide meaningful education for future generations.

Neighborhoods of the future

Liveability and sustainability will continue to be high priorities in new and future neighbourhoods.