Stockland has a proud, 65 year history of creating vibrant, thriving communities across the country. Today, we are Australia's largest residential developer, with 58 active communities and over 100 families moving into a home in one of our communities every week. We believe we have a unique opportunity to contribute to discussions on how to create more liveable communities for every generation, from young people to retirees.

Our Liveability Index gives us a transparent method for prioritising our efforts on designing, planning and building what is important to residents.


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Stockland's 2017 Liveability Index score of 83% represents a strong, positive performance.

National Liveability Index score

The 2017 Liveability Index score of 83% represents a strong, positive performance with regards to what matters most to residents.

Below is the Liveability Score for each state: 

  • Queensland = 85 / 100
  • Victoria = 82 / 100
  • Western Australia = 82 / 100
  • New South Wales = 74 / 100 *

* Based on data for just three communities, two of which are relatively new communities where liveability scores are traditionally lower.

Community connection is an important part of liveability

What it means to residents

"Liveability is being able to connect with the community, feeling safe where I live and enjoying the open spaces with my family and friends."


"Liveability means to me the balance between work and home, and how to enjoy what you have."

The cycleway at Stockland's Aura community on the Sunshine Coast (Qld)

The 2018 Liveability Survey

The 2018 Stockland Liveability Survey is now closed. Thank you to the residents who shared their views with us. 

Congratulations to the state winners* of the RedBalloon experience gift vouchers:

  • R Stephens, North Shore - Qld winner
  • S Bhawkar, Willowdale - NSW winner
  • D Krassner, Cloverton - Vic winner
  • W Peacock, Newhaven - WA winner

* Click here to read the competition terms & conditions.