Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or keen to downsize now the kids have flown the nest, townhomes are an appealing, affordable alternative to larger detached houses.

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02 May 2018

Townhomes are becoming increasingly popular with home buyers of all ages and stages of life. They provide an affordable way to own a brand-new home – and enjoy a cosmopolitan, low-maintenance lifestyle.

The appeal of townhomes 

  • More space and privacy than an apartment
  • Cheaper than a detached home
  • Less maintenance than a detached home
  • Lower running costs than a detached home
  • Carefully master-planned
  • Close to schools, shops and transport

Stockland Townhome Living


Rita’s Stockland townhome experience

Stockland resident Rita, 60, chose to downsize to a Stockland townhome. For her, affordability was a major selling point. ‘I didn’t want to go into another mortgage,’ she says.

Rita was also attracted by the convenience and quality of life in her new Stockland community. ‘I like so many things about the way it’s done. I like the parks and the idea that there’s a shopping centre nearby so I can buy food every day instead of doing a big shop space.’

Buying a new Stockland townhome was the perfect solution for Rita as it meant she only had to put down a small deposit, with no more payments required until her new home was finished.

She also greatly appreciated the transparency of the whole process and the confidence given by the building and support teams. ‘There were no hidden costs, and everything they said they would do, they have done.’

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