24 June 2016 3 min read

One year on and the Bell’s Reach community garden is still keeping up with all the green thumbs.

The community garden of Bell's Reach, the first for Stockland on the Sunshine Coast, has not been left behind by the growth of the community, with more fresh produce being picked, planted and enjoyed than ever before.

The garden was completed in June 2015 and was funded by Stockland, Sunshine Coast Council, Bunnings, other businesses and community donations. Even at the very beginning, the garden was bustling with those coming to practice their gardening, to meet their neighbours and enjoy the fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables together.

The garden is a "little oasis," said Hannah Williams, Development Professional at Bells Reach, at the time.

“The garden has been created by the community, for the community.”

Community gardens have become a common features in Stockland communities throughout Australia. With every garden comes a range of opportunities for locals to meet and learn from each, while eating some delicious vegetables and fruit at the same time.