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03 September 2020

As a result of spending more time at home, Australians are now craving more space, inside and outside, as well as light, with more than 1 in 10[1] feeling now more dissatisfied with these aspects of their home. And 38% of Australians have become less satisfied with at least one aspect of their current home or neighbourhood.

Megan Morton, renowned Australian interior stylist, says “The layout of our homes, backyards and communities has been placed under the spotlight this year. Space has always been an important factor to home design and satisfaction but even more so now with people spending such a significant amount of time at home.”

Whether you are decorating or renovating your existing space or looking to upgrade to a new place, Megan shared her top three things to consider when spending more time at home.


1. Zen, soft zones

“For every working ‘zoom’ room I want people to consider what their ‘zen’ zone is. Somewhere to counter the activity and energy of a designated work space, where there is quiet and a time for reflection.”

“Another way you can achieve zen in your home is by adding comfort. The first thing is to counter all the hard surfaces with soft textures. It seems a simple act but so effective. In the kitchen it can be mats, floor covering or a fabulous pendant light. In bedrooms it’s cushions and curtain trims. Living areas can be texturised with sofa fabric choices, throws and rugs.”

Create a 'zen' zone with soft furnishings

Create a 'zen' zone with soft furnishings

2. Accentuate natural light

“Lighting can have a pivotal impact on mood and there are a couple of solutions to enhance the natural light. Skylights will change the feeling of any room. Use only where you need as you don’t want too many. The idea here is to use them to highlight a space.”

“To accentuate natural light sources, add curtains with a hand held or motorised control over a beautiful window. Curtains need not be over the whole house, instead use them sparingly and show off the views that you are most proud of.”

"Natural light is an incredibly important feature that hugely impacts the mood, wellbeing and overall enjoyment of the home" - Megan Morton, Interior Stylist

Connect the outside & inside of your home

Connect the outside & inside of your home

3. Bringing the outside in

“Mirrors are a great way to reflect the outside in. When you are dealing with straight lines, I prefer a rounded or archway mirror. Ensure you position you mirror to reflect a great vista. And again, a bit like skylights or curtains, you don’t want too many, but placing the mirror, curtain window and skylight in the correct place you have such greater odds of a truly lovely home.”

Use round mirrors to soften hard lines

Use round mirrors to soften hard lines

[1] Stockland Research August 2020 (N=1,199) 

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