The smaller, greener neighbours at Stock community The Grove get their own tunnels for their safety.

3 min
24 June 2016

As shown by the video game 'Frogger', busy roads and tiny amphibians do not mix.

The Grove residential community in Victoria sits alongside Davis Creek, which is home for the protected Growling Grass Frog, a species of frog most well-known for its unique vocals. The frogs are constantly on the move searching for food and water, and that means having to deal with local human traffic.

Rather than hoping for the best, Stockland developers at The Grove have applied what they know about moving people and made it frog-scale. Two sets of 'Frog Tunnels' have been constructed beneath the nearby intersection to protect the web-footed neighbours. To help the frogs, which aren’t fans of the dark, they have been illuminated to better guide them to safety.

The Grove is a key example of Stockland’s dedication to keeping its communities sustainable by reducing impact on the environment.