30 August 2017   

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Easy every day living is a priority at Stockland, which is why our homes are designed with generous proportions in all the right places.

To do this we design to the Livable Housing Australia (LHA) guidelines, Silver Standard, which ensure homes are easy to get around and to adjust to everyone’s needs.

“This is important as a home is often our biggest lifetime investment, so it’s essential it serves our needs beyond day one and through all stages of life,” says Sophie Pickett-Heaps, Co-Head of Design at Stockland.

LHA design features improve access to the home, navigational space within the home and provide a more comfortable living environment. This means the homes have been designed to meet the needs of growing families, aging residents and people with disabilities, injuries, and life-changing circumstances.

5 ways your LHA designed home meets your (ever-changing) needs

  1. ‘Changing Rooms’
  2. Whether it’s a long-awaited furniture upgrade, rearranging your living spaces or renting out your home, wider hallways and doors make it easier to get bulky items in and out – without damaging your furniture or the walls.

  3. Young Families and Sporting Enthusiasts
  4. Prams, shopping, surfboards, bikes – young families and active lifestyles come with a lot of stuff. LHA designed homes have step free entry with wide doorways to allow easy access and navigation with all this ‘stuff’ – making it more liveable.

  5. Bath Time
  6. Generous bathrooms with walk-in showers make it easy to bath the kids or simply relax.

  7. Injury
  8. We know accidents happen so it’s reassuring to know if you’re temporarily injured you won’t have to move out – it’s still easy to get in and out of your home.

  9. Welcoming Everyone
  10. Welcome all friend and family - Easy entry with a clear, step-free pathway from the street to the door, toilets on the entry level and generous space to move around - you’ll be able to welcome everyone - all ages and stages.

Generous space, great impression

Simple principles like wider entry and hallways make moving about the home easier, but also create a greater sense of space. Not to mention make great first impressions. With a minimum spatial standard, you and everyone who visits will feel the generosity of the design as soon as you step foot in the door.

“We know a substantial entry and hallways create a generous sense of space for the whole home,” says Sophie. “It has a positive psychological impact and a lasting impression”

Our LHA Designed Homes have generous space in all the right places which means they are practical for everybody

‘The LHA Standard ensures the home incorporates key easy living features and comfortable spaces; A home which can accommodate the changing needs that life brings.’ says Sophie

Quick facts

A home designed to LHA guidelines means:

  • A safe continuous, step free path of travel from the street entrance or parking area to home entry
  • Step-free entry to home
  • Wide doors and hallways for easy entry and movement
  • A toilet on the ground floor
  • A generous bathroom with a walk-in shower (step-free shower).
  • Reinforced bathroom walls so you can customise the bathroom to your needs - an extra towel rail or a grab rail.

No matter what stage of life, or what your needs are, LHA homes are have generous proportions in all the right places, making them easier to access, navigate and live in. And when life’s circumstances change, they’re more cost-effective to adapt.


With a minimal spatial standard, you and everyone who visits will feel the generosity of the design as soon as you step foot in the door. - Sophie Pickett-Heaps