Stockland, Redkite, R U OK? and ReachOut are partnering to help communities thrive, because we know we are better together. We want people to feel supported and stronger every day, through all life’s ups and downs.

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03 September 2020

October is Mental Health Month, so we are focusing on the power of connection to provide support during what has been a challenging year for all of us. Why is Mental Health Month so important? Watch this video to hear what our CEO Mark Steinert and CARE Foundation partners have to say. 

During October, keep an eye out as we share stories from our people and our partners, to see how connection with the people in your life can help maintain your own wellbeing. Now over one year into our collaborative partnership, Stockland is excited to continue working with our partners to bring positive impact for mental health in Australian communities.

R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected and are protected from suicide. By inspiring people to take the time to ask "Are you OK?" and listen, we can help people struggling with life feel connected long before they even think about suicide. R U OK? especially wants older Australians to ask the question and check in with each other to protect themselves against loneliness and isolation.

ReachOut is Australia’s leading online youth mental health service, is providing free support to young Australians during the COVID-19 outbreak to help them stay well when it comes to their mental health. Available 24/7 online, ReachOut’s new dedicated resources give young people practical tips about looking after their wellbeing during these unprecedented times. If you are a parent, carer or a teacher you can also access information from ReachOut on how to connect with and support the young people in your life.

Redkite is a national cancer charity that provides professional and essential support to children with cancer and their families. During the outbreak of COVID-19 Redkite has seen a 30% increase in demand for counselling from vulnerable families. Parents are being overwhelmed by concern for the health of their immunocompromised child. They are hit with job losses and business closures when they can least afford it and are cut off from their support networks. Redkite is there to help. 

We’re inspired to transform and strengthen our communities, make a real and positive difference, and enable them to thrive, because we are better together.

We know we're better together
We know we're better together

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