Coming up with new and exciting ideas on how to treat mum this Mother's Day doesn't need to be stressful.

08 May 2019

It’s the one day that rolls around each year where we pay homage to our darling mums. If you’re not feeling inspired by the mugs, flowers and chocolates donning the shops, why not plan something completely different to surprise her! When asking mums what they would like to do for Mother’s Day, we are often met with the same response “to spend time with you”. Quality time spent as a family, doing an activity mum loves will be a far more meaningful and thoughtful gift. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to celebrate your mum this year, look no further! High teas and spa days aside, we’ve come up with some great Mother’s Day activities she’s sure to love.

For the Green Thumb

If your mum is a plant enthusiast, why not join her in the garden for a day amongst nature? Buying a selection of her favourite foliage to plant together is a great way to show an interest in her hobbies and spend some quality time together. As the gift that keeps on giving, Mum will be able to watch her garden blossom while being forever reminded of the time you spent together.  If your mum is a foodie, why not start a veggie garden together? Growing your own produce is a huge trend that many people are enjoying. Not only is it good for the environment, your wallet and your tastebuds, but is also a super satisfying, even therapeutic hobby. If you’re not too confident in your gardening abilities, a herb garden is a great alternative. Basil, rosemary, thyme and mint are all easy-to-grow herbs that could be utilised in your family dinners.

For the Artist

If your mum is the creative kind, crafting something beautiful together is a great way to spend Mother’s Day. Creating something that can be utilised in the home is an awesome way to mix artistic flair and functionality. For this reason, we love the idea of some homemade pottery! A trip to your local arts and crafts store will have all the supplies you’ll need, including air dry clay and acrylic paints. Your options are endless when it comes to what you’ll make. Some super simple items could include a trinket or jewellery dish or perhaps a key chain accessory. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to skip the pottery stage, painting a pot together would be just as much fun. Hand painting a vase or plant pot, while being a fun and engaging activity, is also a wonderful way to add some individuality to her interiors style. Not only will it be a treasured memento, but also a beautiful addition to the home!

For the Reno Queen

If your mum is forever looking for ways to improve the home, why not spend Mother’s Day doing up the house? Mother’s Day weekend could be the perfect chance to finally get around to that reno project she’s been thinking about for months. Or that neglected area of the house that’s desperate for a new lick of paint or some new furniture. Spend some quality time researching the latest trends in preparation for your day of DIY. If your mum suits a Scandi style, incorporating some modern decorations, clean lines and monochromatic colours into her home would be perfect. Or if she prefers something a little earthier, opt for an Australiana theme with rich colours, textural furnishings and natural features. Whatever her style is, she’ll love the experience of making her home more beautiful together.

Whether your mum is a nature-lover, creative connoisseur or a home-improvement wonder, she’ll love that you planned a special day tailor-made to her!

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