House of Colour, by Fowler Homes.

06 July 2022

We sat down with the Interior Design Manager, Amanda Cergovski, from Fowler Homes, one of the leading home builders Stockland has partnered with to bring you the Design-Approved Collection, to discuss with her the newly launched “House of Colour”.
House of Colour is a game-changing design studio that enables customers to peruse all finishes and styles in their home designs. Read on to find out more about the House of Colour!

What is the House of Colour?
House of Colour is Fowler Homes’ very own Internal Colour Selection Studio.

Why did you create the House of Colour?
House of Colour was created to provide our clients with a ‘one-stop shop’ when making selections for their new Fowler Home. We wanted to create a space where customers are provided with an experience like no other, where they can see, touch and experience every element as they envision their dream home coming to life.

How did the idea for the House of Colour come about?
Much research and thought went into the design process behind House of Colour. We wanted to ensure House of Colour was not like others. Ensuring the materials & products speak for themselves, we eliminated overwhelming branding and signage. Aiming to resolve the anxiety a consumer often feels when walking into a showroom surrounded by everything and anything upon walking into the space.

What is your favourite feature about the House of Colour?
More than just a Selections Studio, House of Colour has been architecturally designed to impress our guests from the moment they step inside. Clients are always commenting on the look and feel of the space from the incredible ceiling, the sleek matte black colour palette, and the curved timber feature wall.

How does it cater for different interior home styles?
Upon arrival, we invite our clients to sit for a brief chat to gain insight into their lifestyle and, ultimately, how they want their life to look and feel in their new homes. We want to make a personal connection with them as we move through to setting the style of their home. We encourage our clients to allow the façade to also reflect the interior by ensuring whatever style it is that, we commit to unites the façade with the interior. We touch on elements such as internal door profiles and design, paint colours to evoke emotion and create an ambience, wall and ceiling detail features, the joinery door profiles & feature lighting. Whether your style is modern, Scandinavian, industrial or coastal – style is created in the little details.

How can customers access the House Of Colour?
By appointment only. House of Colour is exclusively available to Fowler Homes customers only.

Are all finishes available to the Stockland customer in the Design-Approved House & Land packages?
House of Colour showcases a wide range of the latest products, materials and fixtures to cater for all budgets, needs and lifestyles. All are available in the Design-Approved Collection; some will be upgrade options. We strive to remain at the forefront of design, innovation and style to offer our customers the best.