Each year as part of the CARE Grants Program, Stockland donates over $285,000 to local organisations, supporting local community building initiatives across our Retirement Living Villages, Residential Communities and Shopping Centres. Since the program began in 2014, we have been able to support our communities by donating over $2 million to more than 2,000 local groups around Australia.

02 August 2021

We are delighted to introduce Southern Sydney Multiple Births Association (SSMBA) as one of the local Willowdale recipients of the $1,000 CARE Grants in 2021!  

With over 350 families in membership, Southern Sydney Multiple Births Association offers support to parents of multiples in the local area. Parents can join the network and connect with families living locally, who have experienced the same excitement and trepidation as they have. 

SSMBA aims to provide social and psychological benefit to parents of multiples (twins, triplets and more!), as well as providing tangible benefits including equipment hire, discounts and zoo passes. They run regular play groups, kid’s events, parent nights out and other family days throughout the year, plus expectant parent sessions to connect and support their newest members. It’s not just for parents of little ones though, with many of their members making lifelong friends and continuing to attend events as the children grow up.

As recipient of the $1,000 grant, SSMBA plans to host an event for their new members. Due to COVID, most of these new families have not been able to get together since they gave birth and joined the group. 

SSMBA plans to gather all new members from the last two years and host a lunch in the future, once restrictions ease.  These families will get so much out of being connected with their tribe and others in the local area who are going through a similar life experience. This will be of huge benefit to those new parents, at the same time supporting a local business by hosting the event at a local venue. The lunch will no doubt mean a lot to families in the local community who may have felt particularly isolated during recent COVID lockdowns.

We are so excited to hear more about the positive outcomes from this event for these local families. Congratulations to all the winners across our Retirement, Residential and Retail communities around Australia this year!
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