Willowdale has awarded a CARE Grant of $1,000 to local high school environment committee, Hurlstone Agricultural High School!

03 September 2021

Established in 2007, the Committee aims to promote environmental awareness and implement sustainable practices in their school and throughout the wider community. 
Some of the Committee’s contributions include hosting and supporting environmental events such as Plant-a-Tree Day and Clean Up Australia Day. They also research and recommend campaigns to students for climate activism and provide eco-tips for students to reduce their carbon footprint. 
One of their key projects is an Indigenous Garden, intended to educate the Hurlstone school community about their native local environment before European settlers arrived. Native plants in the garden are already adapted to the Australian climate, therefore require less care and water and can boost pollination across the wider local area. The garden promotes biodiversity, providing food and shelter for beneficial wildlife and insects, including lizards, butterflies and birds. 
The Indigenous Garden has created a positive environment for students who benefit from the sense of purpose, enjoyment, exercise and relaxation that their time in the garden provides. The Committee aims to introduce skills of agriculture, biology, history, earth and environmental science, linking to the school curriculum where they can.
The Committee plans to use their $1,000 Stockland grant to a buy a range of Indigenous Australian plant species including Banksia and Cycads. These would be transplanted into the designated garden area by supervised student volunteers. Any additional funds will be used to buy new gardening supplies like soil, mulch and equipment such as hand-shovels, watering cans and gloves. 
We are so excited to stay in touch and see the outcome! We can see how much of a contribution this garden makes to the community and that so many will reap the benefits for years to come. Congratulations to all the winners across our Retirement, Residential and Retail communities around Australia this year!

To learn more about this wonderful school, head to their website here