Visiting the Willowdale Display Village? Have a read through some tips to make your visit more effective.

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10 May 2019

6 top tips to help you plan for your next visit to the Willowdale Display Village:

1. Research: Know your budget and preferred builders beforehand by asking friends and family and checking out online forums. Consider their time in business, quality, range, customer service, warranties and guarantees.

2. Find your needs: Decide what you want in a home, now and later -- bedrooms, living space and outdoor areas. How big will your family grow? Will you have guests regularly? Need lots of storage? A low maintenance yard?

3. Be prepared: Bring a pen, paper and camera/ phone to record details of designs and builders you like. Take lots of photos to help you compare features later. Schedule rest breaks and allow time so you're not rushed.

4. Pick the best time: Weekends are convenient but weekdays are quieter and staff have more time. Arrange a one-on-one when you're ready.

5. Ask questions: Display homes are best examples, often with top-range fittings and extras. Ask what are standard and what are extras and note your budget.

6. Imagine living there: Do you like the street? Is the entry right? Trust your instincts and make sure you feel at home.

NSW residential general manager, Richard Rhydderch said: "Choosing colours, styles and dimensions is important but it's not always easy to visualise how a home is going to look when it's actually built. "Also, a visit to a display village gives you the chance to spend time in the community and get a feel for it."

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